Added reply in a thread New affordable Crank set 10/4/2017 10:38 AM is the big main uk retailer

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Spokes on the front need adjusted?, as to me it sounds like the noise is coming from them, think of a spoke like a guitar string, it's a thin piece of metal that's under tension in the same way and the more tension you put on it the more the pitch of ... more »

Added reply in a thread Who here has experienced CATASTROPHIC bike failure? 9/26/2017 2:32 AM

snapped a stem, but luckily it broke while i was just riding bike home from school and not when i was at the trails which is probably where i fatigued the part to the point of breaking, so i didn't eat shit, just had to walk the busted bike home a couple ... more »

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You can get Bell in the UK, I have one, a Bell Faction, got it for £10 on clearance from Evans Cycles online and picked it up in shop ... more »

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Again its all opinion and personal preference, your height and build will have an affect on it just as much as your geometry changes, without changing the frame the only things you can really do to make it more responsive are things like changing the ... more »

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Buy a used modern BMX if you want durability and lower weight, they aren't primarily designed for kids like the 80's bikes largely were.

Added reply in a thread floyd vs conner 9/1/2017 12:30 PM

I Knew Floyd would win, it was just when and how i didn't really know, as much as i love MMA you cant take an MMA fighter out of his game and put him in a sport where there are a lot more rules restricting the "weapons" (elbows, knees, Kicks, ground ... more »

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Jeezus i had to read that 5 times, are you allergic to even a tiny bit of punctuation? you said "Bmx is all about looking cool or steezy if u r harry main" which to me sounded like you think Harry's steezy, otherwise why would you drop his name out of ... more »

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check the bike checks forum out, plenty of rawed out de-stickered framed bikes with black forks like yours in there to give you an idea, i like it as is

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Is it? i thought it was just about having fun and enjoying yourself, silly me, i must try harder to impress the scooter kids at the skatepark, I didn't realise i had an obligation to be stylish....should i wear girls stretchy jeans like all the BMX emo ... more »

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I just wear a half shell type but tbh it probably wouldn't bother me to wear a full face due to being used to riding motorbikes and already having full face lids, i just wouldn't use my bike helmets due to them being a bit on the heavy side for doing ... more »

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check the chain run and the front sprockets teeth, my bike did do something similar and when i looked at the front sprocket on the back side a tip of tooth has been bent over ever so slightly allowing the chain to actually try and ride up on the tip ... more »

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At the price you are looking to spend i would be looking 2nd hand gumtree listings, at the price of a new Mafia Kush you could pick up something like a good specced £400+ full crmo bike for that with not much use on it, will the Kush do you as a starter ... more »

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so are you telling us if FBM's owners stopped riding bikes you'd stop buying their stuff?

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oh aye, forgot it had a fused head junction, they started doing that in 95, prior to that they were seperate like the one i posted, i dont think its a 95 as all the 95's i've looked at if you look at the "condor" logo on the headtube they all have flames ... more »

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I'd vote keep it, if you have everything for it, then get it all freshened up as best as you can and keep it original, its worth more stock and original than modified with newer parts, its like classic cars, the completely original stuff tends to be

... more »
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are they 8 spline or 48? its difficult to say tbh, are you 100% sure that it's coming from the cranks? I'd be checking around BB for cracks around welds or HAZ's, reason i said grease them is if because they are "dry" then you get a build up of rust/oxide ... more »

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tried greasing the spindle? I'd also pull the bolt out and make sure the pinch bolt threads are ok and not stripping

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yeah, looks like he's bought it in bits, probably been taken apart by whatever kid had it in the 90's and sat there ever since, get some more pics up of what you got. a nice freshen up and it'll be a nice midschool bike to cruise about on.

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are the old bearings still in it? if they are just pull the numbers off them and order new ones, 180mm is about 7 inches, which is probably the crank arms length, not the bearing size.