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Im only 28 (in a few weeks) so i wouldn't call it a midlife crisis but I have had major depressive disorder since I was a kid. Over a year ago I lost 1 of my best friends who happened to be the 1 who introduced me to bmx when I was 19. He was a year ... more »

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I put my old setup back together with my narrow bars and Hi-ten frame and had a hell of a session last night. Wide bars are cool and helped with my bike control but I highly recommended running bars that fit ur shoulder width. I've never done a barspin ... more »

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Let me see what other offers I get before I take u up on that. I'll let u know by tomorrow evening

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I'm selling my custom built freecoaster wheel that I laced and trued myself. The hub is an Alienation Rush with a chromoly axle and adjustable slack. It is laced to a Oddysey Hazard Lite rim with Sapim 14 gauge spokes and brass nipples. The hub internals

... more »

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Everything he said. Also get over the fear of looping out and practice landing on ur feet when u have to bail. When u get to ur balance point its gonna feel uncomfortable at first but resist the urge to lunge forward which makes u drop the front wheel. ... more »

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What's your preference? Personally I have 2 setups. 1 with a set of Haro bars cut down to about 22in width and the other a set of Animal Hyrone bars at 26.5in width. I notice all the kids are riding extra wide bars now and hardly see anyone with their ... more »

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Ur most likely keeping too much weight on the front end when u land. as ur about to land get ur ass over the back wheel and prepare to be moving backwards. same thing happened to me when i was learning but now i get them

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If u can afford it, definitely buy ur next bmx at walmart. Highest quality pro level bikes for cheap

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Ever heard of Youtube? Ummm yea....

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First off how good are u at manuals? U gotta have them on lock already before hopping in or out. I actually learned to hop out of a manny by accident. When I started getting good at them I would do whatever it took to keep from dropping it and when I ... more »

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Bro we gotta ride in yonkers 1 day. Good to see ur still progressing. Keep it up

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I have both and right now I mainly ride the coaster since I only recently got one after many years of riding. After 2 or 3 days the slack felt normal. I'm actually better at fakies on cassette now that I'm used to the coaster. If u like doing 180s or ... more »

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I use yoga to improve my balance and it helps a lot. Its a good way to warm up and stretch ur body on days u will ride too. Other than exercise watching edits and studying riders movements will help u think of ways to improve ur technique

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Bmx has me in really good shape so all I have to do is take my shirt off and bunnyhop and I'll have these bitches drooling. So I guess u could say I use my bike to kick game. O yea and the next time i hear "ooooh thats a trick bike!", im gonna icepick ... more »

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Try riding chainless or with a coaster if possible. I learned to roll out my opposite way first for some reason and I relied on pedal pressure to get me around. Once I got on a coaster I learned to actually pivot on the back wheel which takes some getting ... more »

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Just ride and let ur muscles get used to picking up the bike. Ur hops get higher as u master the technique. U don't have to be a muscle bound retard but strength training will help u with bmx and everything else u do

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I just finished building my old Haro frame and now have 2 street toys to play with. The first is my SD Downtown frame pegless with a freecoaster. The second is my old 100.1 frame rawed with a cassette and pegs on the left. Obviously the second one is ... more »

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So I've decided to go with the BSD Front Street. Gonna have it laced to a Oddy Hazard Lite to go with my Rush freecoaster which I laced to the same rim. I love Animal but the BSD just looks like a better hub and paying $20 more just for a name is kinda ... more »

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I'm ready to build my front wheel but I'm not sure which hub is best for me. My first choice was the animal javelin since I rep animal hard but then I started thinking maybe I don't need a female hub. Im 140 lbs and I ride hard but have never bent an ... more »

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