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Cosign. they are truly the BEST PEDALS EVER. Very easy to remove and install when needed

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Before I went officially brakeless last year, I'd ridden bikes without brakes at times when I had no choice. I would be a bit nervous in traffic but other than that I was cool with it. Once I went brakeless with my main setup, I took my bike control ... more »

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Sex - I got bitches Drugs - "Hey Hey Hey Hey .....Smoke weed everyday" Bikes - My Bike Everytime I smoke all I wanna do is ride my bike. I cant wait till it gets warmer cause its too cold for me right now. Earlier today I was high smashin a chick from ... more »

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I think its coming along nicely. The Animal Akimbo cranks should complete my setup

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I'd say get the 20.75 and if anything u will grow into it. I'm the same height as u and I ride a 20.25tt but I stopped growing years ago

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the redline devices seem like the best cranks for the price. someone mentioned the premium 1948s and those are a decent price also. can anyone else vouch for the 1948s? Still debating whether i should upgrade to 22mm. I dont take big drops but i plan ... more »

Started new thread Trying to decide which cranks to buy 2/12/2013 8:06 PM

I was thinking about getting the animal akimbo cranks but my bb is 19mm and I dont feel like changing my bearings. I dont ride too hard (yet) so I'm not sure if I need 22mm cranks. Anybody recommend a good set of 19mm cranks? The profile LE cranks look ... more »

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practice makes perfect. and call it a g-turn, rock walk sounds corny

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dropping in looked scary until I tried it. just loosen up and keep ur weight back as u come down. its only hard to do if ur stiff on ur bike. just do it until it feels natural

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Man fuck a helmet...

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Practice. U need to challenge urself by having something to actually jump over or on to. gradually increase the height of the obstacle when it gets too easy. It becomes more natural to u the more u do it.

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I only listened to 2 songs but I can respect him as a lyricist. Rappers come a dime a dozen nowadays and the only way to make it big is if u build a huge following locally or have an incredible production team. With the right producers, u dont even have ... more »

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shit I wish I could find 1 of those for that cheap

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also, if ur right foot fwd and grind left side or vice versa then ur goofy. U should also throw ur bars from the same side as ur dominant foot but idk if that counts for being goofy.

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actually I g-turn left and spin right (awkwardly). I grind left side too. I feel more comfortable spinning left but that means I have to do switch 180s. if I get switch 180s dialed first then I'm officially goofy. I think i will since I roll out of fakie ... more »

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I'm naturally left forward. always was and always will be. took me a few weeks to get g-turns but I got em dialed now, but to the left with my right foot forward, which technically isnt goofy. I got em to the point where I can spin on my front with my ... more »

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thanks for all the input guys. I checked out CCS and their complete boards start at 69.99 and 99.99 for a brand name deck. Trying to keep it 100.00ish since this isnt something i'm gonna put all my effort into. any other sites I can check out for completes? ... more »

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First let me say that BMX is my first love and I am not crossing over. After spending some time at the indoor skatepark (check out 5050skatepark if ur in the NYC area), I decided I wanna switch things up and kick a board around when I need a break from ... more »

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I knew a kid who rode a huffy but the way he had it looking u woulda thought it was a haro. Kid was a beast pullin 3s on that heavy POS. Always had to adjust something on it like every 10 mins.

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I love to see girls ride bmx. I think its really cool but I could only date a girl that rides as long as she rides like a girl. Its cool if she can manual, endo, and hop curbs and stuff like that. But I couldn't have a girl that grinds concrete ledges ... more »