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Decided to do a bike check since I'm stuck in the house (its snowing in NY). Nothing spectacular about my bike but I just wanted to share with u guys how I roll. I dont see too many Haros here so heres mine. Frame : 2011 Haro 100.1 (20.3in tt, Hi ten)

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bike shops in my area dont know shit about bmx. I called 2 shops just to see if they had a 25t sprocket and they sound all confused. dude tells me I can bring my bike in and have them look at it. wtf its just a sprocket. Either they carry them or they ... more »

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U better buy that asap. Its not gonna last

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Interesting. I love to read about different views of life.

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Leave my grammar out of this. Shes the nicest lady you would ever meet....Rtard

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No doubt kids from MV and Yonkers been beefing for as long as I've been around. I dont get into that nonsense and I got alot of friends on his side. So u can say I rep both his town and mine.

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Only reason I stick up for him is cause he lives in the next town over from me. Its a territory thing. Not much bmx going on in our area. Well continue being a dick cause we're all entitled to an opinion. I hope u guys are happy that u probably made ... more »

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Cool Shit!

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Ok and where r the mods to delete his posts? As much as u post here u should be one. I just don't see how ppl can be so annoyed by someone posting what they want in a place where ppl can post whatever they want. As far as what he does at home thats his ... more »

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I know exactly what ur talking about. This is the non-bmx thread isnt it? I'm just sayin whats the point of flaming a 12 yr old for acting like a 12 yr old.

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I hope u didnt let these assholes chase u off the site. To the OP u sound even more immature than he is. Pretty gay that u would make a topic telling everyone how u feel about him. Ppl make stupid topics everyday. If u dont like it then become a moderator ... more »

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Forget them and just keep ur account. If it aint broke dont fix it.

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I dont encourage underage smoking even tho I started at 17. I can tell u that it won't hurt ur body or anything but it will affect ur memory. Other than that the only way u will get hurt is doing dumb shit while high

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are u trying to feeble or dbl peg? I started learning feebles and will move to dbl pegs next. ur gonna miss the landing starting out but this will only teach u to better postition the bike. I would recommend grinding the lowest ledge u can find to work ... more »

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The majority of ppl who will criticize u cant even do what u do. I never hear anything negative from other riders only constructive criticism which makes me better. Ppl with no talent can only talk about what others do so let them talk while u keep doing ... more »

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I know a fat dude who used to do flatland. He had skills and it was pretty funny to watch

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Some ppl have way too much time on their hands...

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Took me about 2 weeks to get the full 180. I was frustrated with only going 90 so I started getting more vertical to give myself more room. Hop higher and work on the spin. eventually u wont have to hop as high.

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If u can do 3 parking spaces then you've made progress. All u can do is keep practicing and it will only get better. I can manual probably the same as u. Once in a while I pull back into it perfectly and glide it out as long as I can. When I do that ... more »

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Words can't even describe how messed up this is. It woulda been one thing if they just snatched the bike from under her and kept it movin but no material item is worth a life. I hope they end up in a butt fucking jail. If they ever get out they can never ... more »