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No. The only way it could become damaged is if u beat the hell out of it. Also repeatedly engaging the clutch while coasting backwards will chew up the inside of it. As long as it wasn't abused and it looks fine then its fine

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I bought this kit 2 weeks ago and rebuilt an old alienation rush coaster. Good as new now. As long as there's nothing wrong with the hub shell ur good to go. Definitely better than buying a new hub

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I watched it mainly for the bmx street and big air. I think Garrett deserved it this year. Last year should have been Chad but it is what it is. Garrett is one of the sickest dudes in street but hes definitely favored by the judges

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I suggest laying off the greasy stuff cause it will slow u down. Its cool to have once in a while but bacon cheeseburgers and fried chicken every day will kill u. I prefer chicken and turkey over red meat but everyone is different so eat whatever keeps ... more »

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I know for a fact its not the lock nuts since I'm dealing with the same thing and tightening them as far as they can go does nothing. If u have taken the bearings out and thoroughly inspected them and they are tight, then the only thing I can think of ... more »

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I'm pretty sure one of ur bearings is shot. Most likely the drive side. I'm dealing with the exact same thing on my rush coaster that I rebuilt but used the old bearings since they still spun ok. After I noticed the wobble when I put it on I took it ... more »

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Nobody who takes bmx seriously gets into it to show off but let's be honest, sometimes u can't help but flaunt ur skills in public since ppl love to see it. What is ur go to trick that u pull out of the bag when someone calls u out or u just feel like ... more »

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I've spent the majority of my time riding alone in my hood. Riding with ppl makes me step my game up and I get more out of my sessions. when im alone i practice manuals and do tricks that im already comfortable with until i feel like trying something ... more »

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I've done it once with a punch, a hammer, and a channel lock but would strongly recommend that u not be a cheap ass and just invest in a chainbreaker. U dont wanna mess up a brand new chain

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I cant get the nut off from the non drive side thats why the small bearing and spacers are still on. I can always get new bearings since they're cheap. If theres nothing special about the driver that comes with the v2 upgrade kit ... more »
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I got an old alienation rush coaster from a friend that had a stripped axle. I took it apart and everything else is fine. Problem is everywhere I look they only carry the upgraded axles and I'm not sure if this will fit my hub. I'm assuming I have the ... more »

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Go as fast as u feel comfortable. I learned to hold them going down a slope. Going slow is much harder but once u get a feel for them u can control it at any speed

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Try doing g turns a lil faster. Put most of ur weight on the bars until u turn around then pull back. Takes some getting used to but theyre alot of fun once u got em down

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Since my town has no park and there's really no bmx scene in my hood I wanna take matters into my own hands. Obviously if I want a park built I would need a shitload of support from my community so we could make enough noise to get the city to consider ... more »

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what helped me once I was comfortable landing 90 was doing them from a standstill. I actually did this for the first time in my living room with barely enough space and surprised myself when I landed the full 180. Going as slow as possible, once I knew ... more »

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I agree that bmx doesnt get the spotlight it deserves but more of us need to step up and build awareness about our sport in our local communities. there are a few riders in my town but we have no park and no good spots. I want to put a grind box in the ... more »

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People in all professions smoke. You wouldnt know unless u knew them personally or asked them about it. At the park I go to the majority of skaters and riders smoke. Since we have a ftw type of attitude no one hides it. Obviously someone whos into more ... more »

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8 spline cranks have always loosened on me after a session which is why I upgraded to 48 spline profiles. The pinch bolt design is just no good for heavy riding and the way 48 spline cranks are designed makes alot more sense and they never get loose ... more »

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I was actually thinking about the young skaters who come to the park and figured I could keep it low so they could get on it but I realize 1ft isn't gonna do a damn thing for my hops so I'm gonna make it 2ft and the kids will just have to step their ... more »

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I'm taking on this project since I live in the hood and we dont have a local skatepark. I have plans for the box and everything. 1 foot high and about 5ft long. I only wanna keep it short in case I have to bring it in and out of my apt. I could always ... more »

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