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Brand New Just started building some new trails. First Trails I've ever built. Looking for some advice.

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Its ok to suck but, why would you make a video of it?

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Get that one alot. My favorite i got one time was, why don't you have a gryo,answer i don't Have brakes. Next word out of his mouth why don't you have brakes. ( I roll away) Why don't you have pegs. why don't you pedal while you wheelie. Kids where i ... more »

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Man,ill ride my Crappy Dk all day cause its all i can afford. I just think if you got the $ you should buy American A. cause its better metal B.cause I believe(this part is opinion) that they are assembled with higher precision and care. C. Im a good ... more »

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so i have looked through the forums for reviews,comments,and stories about bike brands. And now i hate cult and anything else that is foreign made.(i liked cult their stuff looks dope) I Like FBM now they make their stuff in house. That's whats up. And ... more »

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Ok so i'm working with around 250 what Bike brand and Model would be the best for my money? I've broken every Walmart bike I've ever road,and I'm 6'1 190.

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@wetzeb Ya, probably should have used that product instead of starting a whole new topic. Well thanks man will defiantly take your advice.

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Does anybody have any tricks to make their handle bars stay in place besides using a star pattern to tighten them? My handle bars wont stay in place. No matter what i do,it seems they all ways find a way to move back.


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NAME:Woodrow Dixon NICK NAME: Ox GENDER:Male AGE: Eight teen STATE: Va CITY/TOWN: Galax TIME IN THE SPORT: a couple weeks BIKE: some crappy dk complete EXTRA: I play football just got done with an 14-1 season(Lost the stupid state championship game) ... more »

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How much should your weight effect your tire pressure? I weight 190 and i'm running 60 in the front 90 in the back. Any advice or tips?

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