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I"ve seen them all and reed was definitely my favorite

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I'm beyond impressed with my ribcages. I laced them up with old spokes that weren't the perfect length and used nipples. It was also the first time I actually laced a wheel from scratch. I ended up getting them to be pretty dang true and didn't have ... more »

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Before watching the video I thought the other commenter was just being miserable but he's entirely right. It literally looks like an ad from odyssey, merritt, ftl and apple.

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It's cnc'd high grade aluminium from a company with good qc. You really can't go wrong. The only way you're going to break it is as a result of an incorrect installation. I used to run a profile 40 and it felt the same as any other top-tier stem for ... more »

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Nobody's going to mention that it's pretty much only riders that are sponsored by monster? To be honest I haven't watched any of it this year but I've seen a couple screenshots of the field in one event and damn near every helmet had a monster sticker. ... more »

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Remember the 6.0 pool contest?

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I'm thinking you feel that way because you don't have much seat time in general. When you ride the same geometry setup for a couple years you get a very accurate sense of why your bike feels the way it does. Changing the offset of your fork or even just ... more »

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Look at how crazy this is. It's 2021 and you seriously have to make the argument that it might not be a good idea to let a man compete against women in the Olympics, the upper echelon of all sport. The fighter you're talking about is Fallon fox and while ... more »

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Exactly. I'm sure there are real girls that are just as good if not better than him but USA BMX decided to play the woke card and picked her

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Imagine being a female rider that has been training for years trying to make the Olympic team......... And the USA BMX team decides to pick a man over you as a political statement. Then it turns out he hates the USA and everything the country stands ... more »

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whats the point of this post? you just want to start a circljerk for cassette riders or what?

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Go for some vans. Getting the pro model's is mandatory. don't waste your time with the standard canvas vans. Most people ride the cheap fashion vans and then complain about how shitty the brand is in general. The pro model's are so amazing for bmx. Thick ... more »

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I store mine inside the garage but if i'm coming back from riding street I'll just leave the bike in the car for a few days. I have tinted windows which helps deter deadbeats seeing what's inside. Also if they try to break into my car i have a nice alarm. ... more »

Added reply in a thread I gotta know...Does anyone else have a problem with the professional riders having signature completes at Sunday, but do not ride any of the parts on it. IE. Broc Raiford Signature Forecaster. 4/6/2021 11:24 AM

I guarantee sunday has never stated their pro's ride any parts you'll find on any of their completes, excluding their top of the line. Kids get stoked on riding something with their fav pro's name on it. It's not really misleading to the parents unless ... more »

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r/bmx is cancer. every other post is a 13 year old asking what bike to buy. nobody at all talks about what's happening in the pro scene. They probably have a lot more users atm than vital but it seems like 90% of them are kids who've been riding for ... more »

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he's been putting in a ton of work since he joined cult. he has one of those riding styles that can't be replicated by more than a handful of dudes in the scene.

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narrowing down the list to one guy is impossible for me, brian foster chase hawk randy taylor aitken randy taylor simone edwin julian ateaga

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also, how tf does posting a bunch of basketball shoes and trainers prove that this dude knows anything about what a good riding shoe is?

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well.....he's a street rider so if he's the best in the world at what he does, that means you think he's the best street rider in the world. You seriously believe that? I wouldn't call him the best flatland rider and I wouldn't call him the best street ... more »

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well to be fair, you're talking about shitty $40 vans authentics. Those are fashion shoes. Their pro model lineup is designed to be used in the streets. Try some style 112 pro's, crocketts, half cab pro's, kyle walkers, etc. Clearly you haven't tried ... more »