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meh old thread, and it's been done so many times before. But i sadly have nothing better to do at 3AM in the morning, so here goes. FRAME - Guerra Martyr FORKS - Demolition Elite BARS - Shadow Vultus 9" CRANKS - Premium Spline Drive w/ FSA ti spindle ... more »

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And this is why we love bmx_is_rad. ... more »
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Never thought i'd see the day where a set of Nomads crack/break! My favourite cranks by far! I'd grab another set if i was you.

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What's going on dudes! I have recently come across Vein BMX, had a look at some of their shit on there and it's all so cheap! Just wondering if anyone has any of the following products & if so, could i get a nice description on how they're holding ... more »

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pretty stoked that i saw this thread or else i would have been paying for spokes, haha albe's is the shit!

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My mate was going the same speed as i was to hit the jump and he made it with ease, and yeah i shall do option 3, cheers mate!

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hey dudes, myself and a few mates have found these rad trails locally, we know who made them, they said it's cool to ride them as long as we look after them. Anyway, i hit the first jump (5ft tall - 8ft gap) and i bailed, tried again, and bailed. I don't ... more »

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Wow you people are terrible, it's a fucking bike, riding a bike is fun. He DOES NOT need a BMX bike to do tricks, let him do them on whatever bike he has and/or can afford. Anyway; Josh, welcome to Vital BMX, you're probably best off trying VitalMTB ... more »

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both of my rims pulled through at the same time, i got both rims warrantied, i asked for rollcages but i got birdcages again and i had waited 3 weeks to get them so i honestly could not be fucked waiting to trade rims with anyone so i just used them ... more »

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birdcages are terrible. Trust me, i've had 4 of them, every single one had the same problem, they pretty much pulled through at the spoke holes.

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Gold frame/forks/bars Rest black. Always works! Then maybe later on invest in some coloured rims, purple always works with gold, as does fluro blue.

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Little Black Bike CM BMX

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Profile Elite.

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it sure is! Thankyou so much sir!

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hey dudes, i've seen this picture over the internet a tonne, and now i really want to save it as my wallpaper, i can't find it anywhere! A rough description; a bloke going down a slope (road maybe) and hit a ramp, he's mid air and he's flying in front ... more »

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Ah true, thanks Tim! As long as they are thicker than my current powerblocks then i should be alright haha!

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Hey dudes, any of you got 2.35" demo tyres? I'm pretty keen on a set & i'm just wanting to know if they will fit, cheers!

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fucking gay cunt

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Damn! That is soooo nice, i love it!