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Reply to age 4/25/2008 11:37 PM

16, and i'd say it dosn't matter how old you are as long as you love the sport and arn't a striaght up bum. lol

Reply to how long have you been riding and what tricks 4/25/2008 11:35 PM

5 years... More than you can do!

Reply to U wanna lighten up ur bike a little? 4/25/2008 11:22 PM

I think the most important thing that should be light on your bike is the wheels. cuz how much ever they wieght is rotating fast as crap and can through off some tricks in the air. like ever try doin a barspin at high speed. you wheel is spinnin fast ... more »

New thread New Bike!! 9/23/2007 10:41 AM

I totally got a new bike with the new Kink KC badger frame, and bars... And about 800 bucks in other parts so finally I got a good bike rollen. So what does everyone think about that frame?? I personally don't like KC Badger but his frame is ... more »

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