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and I knoww i love the color. The frame itself is so solid too
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Current set up I pieced together. Feels pretty good Frame: Colony Castaway 21 Headset: Odyssey with stolen cap Forks: Subrosa Pandora Stem: Sunday Freeze Bars: Kink Human Grips: Stranger Quan Seat: Fit Barstool Seat Post: Federal Bottom Bracket: Fit

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So about two months ago I went back to the first bmx jumps I think I've ever ridden. They've been reduced to mounds of dirt for years. The spot is conveniently two blocks from my house, so I figured why not build them up? I'm no trail master, so they

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I can't do it. I get bad depth perception and its hard for me to judge distances, heights, etc. I feel off balance and can't manual or ride fakie. I just don't feel confident. I prefer to be clear minded when getting into a sesh!

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i left a tea mug out for like three days and it had a thick layer of white and black mold it was delicious

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Is that in your yard? that's perfect

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fit benny. They're a little hard at first but after you break them in they are perfect. Haven't had any tearing, and my bike gets beat to shit. They never get sweaty, and have lasted me about three months so far and don't have any wear to show for it. ... more »

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ride brakes and when you want to switch it up take them off, then repeat

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20.8", 21" or 22" Toptube / 13.5" Chainstay (13.75" on the 22") 75.2º Headtube / 71º Seattube 11.5" BB Height / 8.5" Standover height Any of you running this frame? I'm digging the colour way. Might pick one up for myself ... more »

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do you still have this for sale????

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In the market for a new frame, looking at the solace from kink. The only difference I can tell between the v1 and v2 is the price and colour ways. Who's running them & how do you like it?

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love ittt

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lets ridddde & who?

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tap threads into the fork, buy a compression cap like so

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The OP's idea is alot cleaner having the screw tucked away. I'd run it

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Try doing them smaller. Just hop about a foot and throw at the peak of your hop, stay committed. Lean forward and try to get your hands on the bars as they come around. The front end will probably land before you catch, but it just gets the feel for

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thank you!

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Ever have those days when you just land everything clean, have loads of fun and are just riding really smooth? It's days like these that remind me why I love


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How do you like the feel of those bars? sick build

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