2 Vital BMX Videos: Fort McDowell Contest

Videos/text: Kyle Carlson 

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On November 19, an Indian Reservation about 30 miles outside of Phoenix, AZ, put on the 11th annual Fort McDowell BMX Jam. I don't know much about Indian Reservations, but if they're rad enough to put on a BMX contest 11 years in a row, they have to be pretty great places. The contest brought out mostly riders from the Southwest (Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico) to compete in a game of BIKE, a jam where payment was based on individual tricks, and a best-trick contest.

Only a few guys decided to ride the game of BIKE, but it probably would have ended up the same way regardless. The final three riders competing against each other were Arizona local Sean Sexton, Riverside, California's Mike Saavedra, and San Diego, California's 15-year-old BMX prodigy Dennis Enarson. Dennis managed to eliminate Sexton with a 360-double-whip, and then it came down to Dennis and Saavedra. Saavedra decided to play dirty and get Dennis a few letters by doing kickflip variations over the box. I really didn't think this was fair… Dennis was probably like seven or eight years old when kickflips were cool. Either way, Saavedra finished it off with a front-flip over the box for the win. Dennis gave it an attempt but decided to jump off his bike halfway around.

2 Vital BMX Videos: Fort McDowell Contest Next up was the jam where riders would get paid based on good tricks. When Jack (announcer/contest organizer) saw something he liked, he would call the rider over to him to collect either $50 or $100. Some of the highlights of the jam included Steve Woodward's pegless over icepick-to-back over on the big sub rail and double-tailwhips over the
spine, Hoang Tran's wallride-to-180 over the channel, Dennis Enarson's double-tailwhip pocket air, Drew Hosselton's 180-barspin-to-halfcab tailwhip, and Kyle Hart's 180-no-handers over the spine and barspin-to-backwards manuals over the box. There was definitely a lot more good stuff going on, but it got pretty hectic with three or four amazing riders going at once.

Photo The final event of the night was the best trick contest. Kyle from Flagstaff tried a bunch of flip-whips over the spine but never managed to get it. Kyle Hart tried to 180-no-hander the box jump and got close but couldn't quite get it, and Hoang Tran give a bunch of attempts at a pegless icepick on the wallride. He stuck into it a few times but never made it out. Greg Litecky pretty much double-flipped the box—they wouldn't give him credit for it because his feet blew off, but I say it counts. Dennis Enarson gave a triple-whip a bunch of tries but never got both pedals smoothly, so he didn't get credit for it, either. When Dennis decided he was over the triple-whip, he decided to take a 360-no-foot-can-to-tailwhip over the box, which he did first try with no problem. Sean Sexton pulled his first ever 360-double-tailwhip over the box jump, and Mike Saavedra did a super-clean front-flip-no-hander over the box. It came down to a decision between Enarson, Saavedra, and Sean Sexton, who eventually decided to split the $1,000 prize, giving each of them $333. However, I'd still like to know what happened to the extra dollar...

Photo Anyway, some rowdy BMX fans decided to tear down the fence around the park during the best trick contest, so as soon as it was over the Indian Reservation police force was there to let us know we all had to leave. It was okay, though, because the Indian Reservation police cars have spinners.

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