The Nike 6.0 BMX Open went down this past weekend in Chicago, IL. The constant theme of the contest was bad weather - it's a miracle every event actually happened. Here are a few photos, short videos, and written highlights from what many believe will be the last Dew Tour in Chicago.

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- Prelims got cut short by a gnarly tornado-style rain/wind storm. They resumed later that night, but many of the riders felt the weather and unplanned schedule had negative affects on their riding.

- Although I missed it, apparently Craig Mast crashed in prelims doing a frontflip flair due to his grip coming off of his bars from being wet. Crazy.

- Last years top three; Garrett Reynolds, Dave Mirra, and Daniel Dhers were prequalified for the finals. Reynolds and Dhers both made it back on the podium, but Mirra did not.

- Ryan Nyquist had an amazing run in finals. He would have definitely been on the podium and possibly taken the win, but he crashed a backflip over the box backwards right before the buzzer.

- Mark Webb pulled a perfect decade to 360 in finals.

- It was UK-based shredder and Vital BMX favorite Dean Cueson's first ever Dew Tour. He made it out of open qualifiers, but couldn't make the cut for finals. He'll be on the tour, though, which is awesome.

- Pat Casey, the youngster from SoCal, made it out of open qualifiers and then made it into finals. He rode great and ended up in 8th. After seeing him ride Warriors Of Wood and now this, it's clear this kid is going to be around for a long time.

- Gsry Young had an awesome run in finals and was the weekend favorite of make of the other pro riders. His run included a bunch of high speed lines and transfers - exactly what you'd expect from Gary.

- Andy Buckworth and Mark Webb both did awesome, unexpected 900s.

- Mike Spinner came out swinging and couldn't be topped. His run included a quad whip (to the seat, no pedals), a 1080 turndown, a 540 tailwhip, and a triple tailwhip air. Had he pulled the quad whip to the pedals, it would have been a perfect run for Spinner. Either way, it was still enough to give him the win.
Andy Buckworth delivers a new frontflip variation. Insane!Garrett Reynolds was the only rider to touch this barrier in the finals. Opposite downside tailwhip.Arguably the two biggest names in BMX - Dave Mirra and Ryan Nyquist.Here's an original move from Vince Byron - 360 superman seatgrab indian.Ryan Nyquist crashed early in his second finals run on a 720 transfer and spent the final 30 seconds of his run sitting in this toothpick stall. Seriously.Podium.Final Results -

1. Mike Spinner
2. Daniel Dhers
3. Garrett Reynolds
4. Mark Webb
5. Ryan Nyquist
6. Gary Young
7. Scotty Cranmer
8. Pat Casey
9. Dave Mirra
10. Andy Buckworth

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- Dirt prelims were terrible due to the wind and the final was rescheduled numerous times. It finally went down at the very end of the weekend, but it definitely wasn't what the riders expected. The course was pretty beat and the rain had done some damage.

- TJ Lavin came out and rode. It was his first contest in quite sometime. He made it out of open qualifiers with classic moves like his signature superman nothing. Always awesome to see him in the mix.

- Corey Bohan made finals, but went home before the event started due to the weather.

- Ryan Nyquist, Brandon Dosch, and TJ Ellis were automatically in the finals due to their placings last year. Brandon, however, was the only one of the three to make it to the podium in Chicago.

- Jaie Toohey was doing the biggest backflips of the weekend. Sooooo high.

- This was Seth Klinger's first time making dirt finals and he ended up in fourth. His runs consisted of 360 tables, 360 no handers, frontflips, 720s, and more. He's definitely a contender to to good in dirt this year.

- Luke Parslow rode amazing in finals and even did a double tailwhip; which is a new one for him. He took a much deserved third place and will be in the finals in Portland.

- Brett "Maddog" Banasiewicz had went all the way from open qualifiers to winning the contest. There was no question that he deserved the win. His runs included front flips, triple whips, decades, and all kinds of other moves that this kid is waaaaaaaay too good at. Maddog is one of the few riders that could legitimately win dirt and park at any event.
The man that made it all happen - course designer, maintainer, and BMX legend Fuzzy Hall.Boosted flip on the first set by Jaie Toohey.First place qualifier Andy Buckworth gets focused. This dude has the potential to do big things in 2010.Course maintenance by Adam Aloise.Podium.
Final Results -

1. Brett Banasiewicz
2. Brandon Dosch
3. Luke Parslow
4. Seth Klinger
5. Andy Buckworth
6. Jaie Toohey
7. Nate Berkheimer
8. Ryan Nyquist
9. TJ Ellis
10. Chris Doyle

- To be completely honest, I missed the majority of the vert contest because I was out shooting some exciting stuff with Brian Kachinsky that everyone will be hearing about soon. Sorry!

- No one can mess with Bestwick. 'Nuff said.

- Brian Hunt made it out of open qualifier and will be riding vert all year at Dew Tour. Pretty awesome.

- Ryan Nyquist ended up not being able to ride the vert contest due to the crazy schedule. Bummer, but totally understandable.

- Vince Byron finished in fourth. He's coming up quickly and, along with only a few other dudes, is the future of vert riding.
Even with a broken hand, Zack Warden still placed high enough to secure a spot on the tour.Final Results -

1. Jamie Bestwick
2. Chad Kagy
3. Steve McCann
4. Vince Byron
5. Simon Tabron
6. Coco Zurita
7. Jimmy Walker
8. Austin Coleman
9. Kevin Robinson
10. Koji Kraft

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