Kevin Peraza Rides the New Mongoose L500

Mongoose has added a brand new complete bike to their line for 2020 and it's guaranteed to turn some heads. 

The L500 is shiny and strong. The frame and fork are chrome and the frame, fork, and bar are 100% chromoly. That means you might go blind if the sun reflects off it at the right angle and, more importantly, it's going to hold up to some serious abuse.

To get a first-hand look at what the L500 is all about, I had them ship one out to Kevin Peraza and made him take it out for a session straight out of the box.

I was impressed with the bike. More importantly, Kevin was impressed with the bike. Here's exactly what he had to say about his experience - 

"It's a full-chromoly complete bike at an affordable price. It's perfect for beginners and gets the job done for riders like me as well. It's uncommon to feel comfortable on a bike that isn't mine, but the L500 felt great immediately."

To say that Kevin put this bike to the test would be a huge understatement. Kevin built it up, took off some reflectors and the chainguard, tightened everything up, and was riding it like it was his own. He did tricks. He went high. He even jumped a big fence to flat. The bars didn't slip. The forks didn't bend. It literally held up to everything just fine.

The bike has a freecoaster. It was important to Mongoose to get a bike with a freecoaster on it in their line and this is their first. It also has four-piece bars, two-piece cranks, and 2.4" tires. The chrome / green color kit is nice and it definitely doesn't have that dreaded "complete bike" look. 

Keep in mind, this is Mongoose's top-of-the-line BMX bike. It's currently going for $430.69 at Amazon. It's their most expensive bike but, with these specs - and after seeing Kevin Peraza put it to work - it's a pretty incredible deal.

If you or one of your friends is in the market for a complete bike that is ready to shred, check out the L500. It's Peraza-approved and ready for a good time.

For exact specs, check out Mongoose's site.

To pick one up, check out Amazon. As previously mentioned, it's currently $430.69. If you click the link and it's a different price, that means the price changed. Makes sense, right?

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