3 Truths and 1 Lie with Corey Martinez


Photos & Text by Justin Kosman 

Corey Martinez lives quite an exotic life as a pro rider and international jetsetter. He has a a fairly low-key personality, but when you travel the world to ride your bike, crazy people and events just seem to find you. Here is a little test to see if truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Three of the following stories Corey told me are legit, and one of them was completely pulled out of thin air—you decide which is which.

“When I was kid there was a house a few blocks away that had a huge dog. For some reason I thought it would be funny to throw a little kitten over the fence with the dog, so I did...  I saw a cloud of dust and then ran as fast as I could!”

“I was flying home from a trip one time and I kept hearing this slurping sound near me. I looked between the seats in front of me and saw this guy who had his whole pinky finger jammed into his nose to where you could not see it at all. Then he pulled his finger out and stuck it in his mouth. He did this multiple times. It was probable this strangest and sickest thing I've ever seen!”

Corey Martinez 180 “I was doing a demo with some friends in Louisville, KY. During practice before the show started my friend told me that Whoopi Goldberg was also going to be there to speak. I didn't believe him at all. The demo started and then I saw someone that really did look like Whoopi, so I asked my friend, ‘Is that really the Whoopi?’ He said, ‘Yeah man!’ So long story short, I ended up doing a tailwhip over Whoopi!”

“One time I signed the hood of this kid's new, white Honda car while on a trip in Japan. [The autograph was] four feet long with a big, black marker!”

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