$90,000 to Win a BMX Contest!? This is Happening!

There have been rumors circulating about this event for quite a while, but it looks like everything is coming to fruition. We have arrived officially in Nagoya, Japan for the Chimera A-Side contest and two BMX riders (one park and one flatland) will be leaving $90,000 richer!


The event goes down this weekend at the Aichi Sky Expo and will place Japan's best riders against a hand-selected roster of the sport's best. Here's a rundown of the riders - 

Logan Martin Kevin Nikulski
Marin Rantes Viki Gomez
Kostya Andreev Toon Pakphnm
Brandon Loupos Alex Jumelin
Daniel Sandoval Matthias Dandois
Boyd Hilder Sietse van Berkel
Pat Casey Jean William Prevost
Daniel Dhers Owen Bohn
Ben Wallace Terry Adams
Justin Dowell Benjamin Hudson
Toshio Takagi Youhei Uchino
Rim Nakamura Moto Sasaki
Daichi Teshigahara Kio Hayakawa
Joji Mizogaki Tsutomu Kitayama
Seimei Okada Takahrio Ikeda
Haruhiko Owa Takuma Isogai

Park will be judged by Van Homan and Brian Kachinsky, along with Japanese judges Jun "OPJ" Oppaata, Yasuaki Shinjo, and Kazuo Okada. Flatland will be judged by Paul Osicka and Travis Collier, along with Japanese Judges Tosuke Uno, Hiroshi Uehara, and Shinichi Kiba. 

The course was designed and is currently being constructed by Hurricane (the same company that does all of the courses for FISE) -


And, most importantly, here's the rundown of the payout - 

1st 10,000,000 yen $90,930.00
2nd 2,000,000 yen $18,186.00
3rd 500,000 yen $4,546.50
4th 200,000 yen $1,818.60
5th 100,000 yen $909.30
6th 100,000 yen $909.30
7th 100,000 yen $909.30
8th 100,000 yen $909.30
BMX veteran Ryan Nyquist told me that the biggest first prize he has ever seen in the sport was $60,000 at a past X Games, so Chimera A-Side's $90,930 looks to be the biggest grand prize in the sport's history!

We caught up with a few of the riders who will be taking part in the event to get their thoughts - 

"I'm stoked to start the 2020 season off in a new city and at a new event. I believe it's one of the highest prize purses freestyle BMX has seen, so it is super cool to see Japan getting behind the sport in the lead up to the Olympics - that's for sure. It's going to be a fun week in Japan!"

- Logan Martin

"I'm really happy to start the 2020 season in Nagoya, Japan! It's going to be an amazing event. I can't wait to see everyone - including myself - putting it all on the line for one of the biggest prize purses in BMX history! I'm honored to be invited and happy to see the profession of our sport. This one could be a life changer for any of us!"

- Marin Rantes

"I'm just excited to be going to an event that treats the riders with the prize money they deserve."

- Terry Adams

"Super happy to start the year with an event in Japan with all my friends. We had the Flatark event for the past five years where the winner got $50,000, so what is a $40,000 difference? Hahaha. I hope the vibe is still gonna be cool and the winner is gonna pay for the drinks at the after party!"

- Matthias Dandois

Stay tuned to Vital BMX for full coverage of Chimera A-Side and to see which riders will walk away with the massive checks! Also, be sure to check out Chimera's site for more info, follow the event on Instagram, and - if you're anywhere near Nagoya - come watch all of the madness in person. Kanpai!

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