A Pro Behind the Camera: Colin Mackay 






The photography bug bit Colin Mackay a few years ago, and he has been infected ever since. Being one of the top pros in BMX means Colin gets to shoot with great riders, but he is not an action-only shooter. Take a flip through this portfolio to see what a pro BMXer can do on the other side of the lens, and read his interview to see what his motivation is all about.

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[LINK TO IMAGE] How did you get into shooting photos in the first place?
I always had a disposable camera on trips, but it was two years ago when my wife Kelly took on a sports writing and photojournalism course, we bought a digital Canon body and some accessories. I started playing with the camera a lot because I could experiment with the settings and see my picture straightaway. I pretty much taught myself through the digital camera.

Describe your camera/flash setup.
Canon 20D body with battery grip, 70-200 IS lens, fisheye lens, two 285 Vivitar flashes, x5d Q flash 400w and Pocket Wizards to fire them, all packed in the Atiba Ogio camera bag.

  Do you spend most of your time shooting BMX or other things?
I like shooting BMX and portraits, but I enjoy playing with it all.

Did you shoot much with film, or was digital your introduction?
We bought a film body last year, a Canon A2E body. All my lenses fit straight on so that’s cool. I’ve only used it for black and white and I’ve used about ten rolls in a year. Film is pretty cool—it’s harder for sure, especially with flashes. I’d love to have a medium format camera for the 6x6 images and high sync speed.

  [LINK TO IMAGE]What's the hardest part of photography to you?
 Using flashes; I’m learning, though.
What part is the most fun?
Setting up everything. I like to set up everything I have. I don’t like being lazy. And being happy with my pictures and seeing other people happy with them.


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