After Twelve Years, Steve Woodward Rejoins Colony

In 2007, Steve Woodward officially started riding for Colony. In 2009, they split ways. Fast forward to today - over twelve years later - and Steve has officially rejoined the Australian brand. We caught up to Steve to learn about how this all went down, what he's riding, and the resurgence he's recently found within the BMX world. 


Congratulations on re-joining Colony. You’ve had a few different bike sponsors since parting ways with them thirteen years ago. How does it feel to be back on? 

Being back on Colony at this point in my BMX "career" is definitely refreshing. I have been trying to push myself in some new directions in my riding, so this will help tremendously. 

What exactly caused you guys to split all those years ago? 

I was just at a strange point in riding. I didn't feel like doing very much at the time and just wasn't sure if I wanted to keep going, so I stepped away.

How did you end up reconnecting? 

Clint Millar - Colony's owner -  just hit me up a couple weeks ago and asked if I'd be into it and I gladly accepted.

Tell us about your current bike setup…  

Currently its a full Colony build minus the bars which are 11". Since I'm very tall, that's the only thing I can ride! But, other than that, the frame and fork are Alex Hiam's signature Sweet Tooth and it's fully loaded Colony parts everywhere else. The bike feels amazing!


I know Colony’s US distribution has had a lot of changes over the past decade. Where does it currently stand? How can riders get Colony parts? 

Right now, the parts are coming to us from Dan's Comp. 

Between Joe Battaglia’s recent addition and you rejoining the brand, this is the most noise Colony has made in the States in a while. Are they looking to push harder here? 

I believe so - and just keeping it going with a very diverse group of guys, which is something I personally have always been a fan of brands doing.


Obviously the world is still in a pretty weird state, but have you guys discussed any future trips or plans together yet that you can fill us in on? 

Nothing yet since international borders are pretty locked down, but traveling is definitely in the future plans.

How did relocating from California to New Mexico influence you as a rider and a person? 

Moving away from San Diego was a big one. I didn't really ride at all when I was there and moving to Albuquerque just kinda re-sparked it for me! It was seriously just like unlocking a new level in a video game. The spots are amazing! There are ditches and street setups everywhere that haven't been completely blown out - just a lot more room to get comfortable as a rider again. Another thing was my son. I went there fours years ago when he was born, so yeah - just being a dad and watching him grow has been awesome.

You’re not exactly a young gun anymore and you’ve already done a ton of amazing things in BMX. What else do you hope to accomplish at this stage of your riding? 

Just hoping to see how far I can keep going and pushing myself on personal accomplishments in riding. 

At this stage, it's remembering to not try to keep up with the kids, but to just do what I know on different spots and set ups that I like.

Do you have any desire to compete anymore? 

I do not, but certain jams and events look really fun to take part in if the opportunity presents itself for sure! The new stuff Brakeless TV is doing is a great concept. 

What does Steve Woodward have in store for the rest of 2021? 

I'm going to start up on a Colony edit ASAP but, other than that, just try to keep it going - travel and film as much a I can and have fun with it all. 

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