Alex Burnside is the twenty-year-old mastermind responsible for that new scene-video everyone has been talking about... The Michigan Video. With help and encouragement from his good friend Cory Wiergowski, Alex set out to document the blatant yet overlooked talent of the area's riders, and the amazing spots that the state of Michigan has to offer. Now less than a year later, Alex can sit back and let you enjoy the fruits of his labor... Read these 7 questions with Alex, then go pick up a copy of the video. I promise you won't be disappointed.

What was the general public's perception when they finally saw the video?
Starting with the premiere, everyone was ridiculously stoked on the insane level of riding and the quality of the filming and editing. People expected a crazy video and they tell me it’s better than they could’ve ever imagined.

What's next? Another DVD? If so, will riders who move out of MIchigan still be included?

While I love DVD’s and I always want to sit on footage for a quality project, I have no future plans for another full-length DVD. Cory (Wiergowski) and myself have spoken extensively about another DVD and we both agree that it’s too soon and that our crew can’t commit to such a big project. Tyler Fernengel is committed to moving out to Cali, Mikey Tyra has a serious distaste for the state of Michigan now that he’s been out to Cali, Connor Keating has talked about moving to Arizona... That’s the core of our crew, so we’ll have to wait and see if a solid group of dudes are willing to put in work in the next few years.

Where can everyone pick up a copy? Is it just your guys' website or is it also available elsewhere?
Copies are available at and also directly from Albe’s. Their support has been huge throughout this whole process, I can’t thank them enough. You can also get yourself a copy from Dan’s Comp as well.

What section is your favorite?

That’s a really difficult question to answer. Some days, Connor’s part is my favorite, the song works perfectly for his riding. Other days it’s Mikey’s or Tyler’s, then I think of how crazy Nick’s section is and then how cool Govan’s part is. But if I had to give a definitive answer, I’d say my favorite is Cory’s part. I’d consider it my best work to date, as every clip except for one b roll shot was filmed by me, whereas everyone else’s parts were filmed by Cory and myself. Cory and I fought for a while about the song choice but I think we got it right in the end, and the result is an amazing opening section that really sets the tone for the rest of the video.

What clip took the most effort to get?

It seemed like every clip was difficult to get, one way or another, but Mikey’s last clip took the most amount of time. We had to go back a second day to get that one, we were all gutted that he couldn’t pull it. You could see his arms turning into spaghetti noodles near the end of the first day. For me, that clip was really difficult but I knew I wanted to film it fisheye and follow him on my skateboard. The concrete had huge cracks in it and I had to start from a stand-still and be up to speed in two pushes... my lower back and legs were dying. We pushed through the second day and got it after a few hours. Everyone was so happy for Mikey.

What exactly was Cory Wiergowski's role in regards to the production of this video? It seemed like he was behind it in a big way, more-so than just with his riding.

Man, Cory killed it this past year. He was the team manager, babysitter, parent, filmer, and of course, full-time rider. Cory was also the one who was more flexible with his schedule, so dudes could film with him while I was at work at a local bike shop. The video wouldn’t have happened without him. He got super dialed at filming and really held his own. He was also over at my house quite a bit when I was editing... giving feedback and opinions, and helping to keep my sanity when I had to deal with 1,000 clips on 8 different timelines.

What did you aim to accomplish with the creation of this video, and do you think you achieved that?
We set out to make a BMX video where everyone involved would be stoked on the finished product, not just now, but years down the line. We wanted to put Michigan on the map and show just how much ridiculous talent there is here in the Mitten. And really, we just wanted to have fun and ride bikes, and I think we succeeded.

Photos by @gregorymoliterno

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