While filming for his new Dan’s Comp Vital video in Las Vegas during the same week as Interbike, we caught up with Alex Magallan to check over his current bike. Alex runs it tight and classic – two pegs, brakes, all dialed in thanks to his roster of prime bike sponsors: Sunday Bikes, Tree, and Dan’s Comp. Let’s get stuck into what keeps Alex rolling…


Name: Alex Magallan

Age: 26

Hometown: Cashville, TN

Sponsors: Sunday Bikes, IPATH shoes, Dan’s Comp, Tree Bicycles, Operativ Apparel

Bike Spec

Frame: Sunday Funday 21” top tube

Forks: Sunday Octave Forks

Bars: Sunday Tall Ts

Stem: Tree top load

Headset: Odyssey

Grips: ODI Longneck

Front Wheel: Tree straight pull front hub with Sun Ringle Big Baller Rim

Rear Wheel: Tree straight pull rear 9T cog with Rhyno Lite rim

Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken 20x2.25

Rear Tire: Sunday Street tire 20x2.10

Cranks: Odyssey Twombolts

Sprocket: Tree OG sprocket

Pedals: Odyssey trail mix

Chain: Odyssey Bluebird

BB: Odyssey

Seat: Tree Ergo Seat

Seatpost: Sunday

Seatclamp: Sunday

Brake: Odyssey Evolver

Brake Lever: Odyssey Mid lever

Cable: Tree Slic cable

Pegs: Tree Stunt Stumps

"Like you said, a classic setup! Some of my biggest inspirations rode this set-up. I don’t think I’ll ever switch it up"

So how long have you been riding for Sunday Bikes?
Been with Sunday… Good Question. I believe it was around the beginning of 2008. I was introduced to Jim C through Brian Osborne. The rest is history.

How's that going so far – and what have you got planned with Sunday?
Everything is going! 2014 completes are available now. Got a Sunday Complete EX available in Navy Blue with all black parts - be sure to check out the Sundaybikes.com site...

What's behind the frame that you're riding now, and how long have you been riding this set-up?
I ride a 21” top tube, with a short rear end for easier pickup. I ride brakes to stop. Been riding this set-up for as long as I can remember. There was a short period years back where I rode brakeless - kinda stuck in my ways I reckon.

How's the deal with Tree going - I see they have some new parts coming out, are you going to be running 20mm front hubs for example?
Sam at Tree has a very creative mind. He’s constantly thinking of new designs. I’m running the new Top Load stem. Super clean look and not over the top. Also big fan of their brake cable and the Straight-pull Hubs.

How involved do you get with bike parts design with Sunday and Tree?
I sometimes throw out ideas – they don’t always get used though!

Your bike looks classic - no giant handlebars, a brake, two pegs, slim seat, simple. What's behind this set-up?
Like you said, a classic setup! Some of my biggest inspirations rode this set-up. I don’t think I’ll ever switch it up. Rode this for many years and it’s what I picture BMX!

What kind of riding do you do the most?
I enjoy riding a little bit of everything. Street is probably my favorite – searching for new set-ups and thinking what moves can be done at that spot.

How's your signature product stuff going?
Well, as for right now, I have the Sunday complete Ex available.

Good stuff – what about the parts that you don't get for free from sponsors, what inspires your choices?
I like clean, simple, designs. Luckily I get all my parts for free between Sunday, Tree, and Dan’s. The ODI Long Neck is one grip you can’t remake. I’ve seen companies try it many times. It’s the ultimate grip! Always have a pair on the whip!

So what was it like staying a few days in Vegas filming for this video? Did you get everything you wanted done and dusted?
Vegas was chill actually. We stayed off the strip at a buddy’s apartment. He showed us some different parts of the city and I definitely have a better taste about Vegas. As for the filming, everything seemed to work out. Got stuck in frustration mode on a few clips, but managed to get shit done surprisingly.

Any final thanks or shout outs?
Thanks to Sunday Bikes, Dan’s Comp, Tree Bicycle Co, Ipath Shoes and Operativ Brand. Enjoy! Also thanks Mark Noble and Vital BMX for making this possible!

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