Andy Buckworth's Milestone Tricks

I recently met up with Andy Buckworth and we were discussing adjusting to life without BMX events. Andy - who has spent the majority of his adult life competing in big contests and riding shows in packed arenas - told me he had to change his thought process to continue “getting his fix.”

While I don’t remember his exact terminology, Andy has - for the time being - shifted his focus to conquering different “milestone tricks." 

Andy would pick a crazy trick for a specific spot and do whatever it took to bring it to life. 

I’ve watched many of these tricks through the magic of the internet and got to witness the most recent first-hand. Chances are that you’ve also seen them, too. We caught up with Andy to learn the stories behind a few of his “milestone tricks."


Backflip Transfer - Las Vegas, Nevada


"The last time I rode the YMCA park in Las Vegas, I jumped this gap a few times. It was pretty difficult to figure out the speed due to a few obstacles, but it worked. I knew I wanted to flip it and it was on my mind for over a year - until I got to go there again. The day it happened, it was pretty windy and just really didn't seem to be working out. On my second attempt, I sliced my tire so I knew I only had one more try. I managed to get it and my tire went flat as soon as I landed."

Bowl Frontflip - Flagstaff, Arizona


"I'd never ridden Flagstaff park, but wanted to jump over the bowl after seeing Dennis Enarson flipwhip it in his Vans video. We were passing through in December and it was cold. Flagstaff is in Arizona, but it's in the mountains and they have a legit winter. There was ice on the ground and the skatepark was closed, but I couldn't not give it a go because I was so excited to be there. I flipped it a few times, frontflipped it, and got out of there before I froze to death. Fortunately, it worked first try!"

Pump Track Backflip - Temecula, California


"Every time I ride the Temecula pump track, I look for new lines. One afternoon, the locals and I saw this line - go through the far left rollers, cut right, and gap over the track into the far grass hill. A few mornings later, it was just myself and Cole there. We spend the entire morning trying to find the best speed to try this jump. At first it didn’t seem like it was going to work out. After about the 100th speed check, I finally jumped it. Honestly, it worked a lot better than expected. I immediately knew it would be a rad jump to flip. I jumped a few more times then, when I felt like I had the speed, I gave it a good hard crack. The flip worked out, but I had to dodge the picnic tables after landing. Luckily, I didn't take myself - or any of the tables - out."

Double Backflip - Austin, Texas


"On my first visit to the iconic House Park in Austin, I immediately noticed the jumping line in the bowl resembled a quirky jump box, but anybody who has ridden there knows that’s not how it rides. The landing in weird and it rides different every time you jump it. Being that it’s something a little different, I thought I’d like to get a double flip done on this. I thought and even talked about doing this for multiple days, but I was honestly scared. On the day I finally got it done, I told myself before leaving the apartment, “Today’s the day.” I spent the morning riding the bowl and doing my normal lines. Once most of the people had left, the pressure was on. I mentioned my plan to Brad Simms and he said he'd film it. We got right to it. After about four test runs, two crashes, and a broken seat, I finally landed it."

Step-up Frontflip - Temecula, California


"Jumping up the five block at Temecula Skatepark is my favorite thing to do when I visit. Ever since the first time I jumped up it, I knew that it would be a wild frontflip. Jumping up the five block in itself is pretty complicated due to the lack of speed. I found the only way I can get the correct speed is to come in from outside the skatepark and pedal as fast as I can through the gate and pedal across the flat bottom - all the way to the take off. I thought a front flip would work because it could give me the right amount of forward and up motion to clear the steps - and it did."

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