When a rider loses their biggest sponsor it always comes as a shock, so we caught up with Anthony McGuirk to ask how life has been after he was let go from Hyper not long back.

Photo Supplied by: Animal / Robin Kitchin

Yo Anton, how are things?

Hey Chris, things were going pretty well actually, until I fell off at NASS and seem to have injured my knee somehow. I will hopefully get it checked out asap and get back on my bike to film a new web edit.

You were recently dropped by Hyper a long with a lot of other riders. Why was that and how did you feel?

I do not really know what happened to be honest. Everything was going fine, but then shit went tits up, but hey. There is always something good to come from a negative thing. I guess Hyper are focusing more on the main riders they have now.

You didn’t stay without a frame sponsor very long, you recently got the hook up with Total BMX. What was the reaction when you were invited to join the team?

Dude, you had no idea how stoked I was. I honestly couldn't believe it. I feel more apart of a family now than anything. Total BMX is one of the best brands in the world and it hasn't being running for very long either. It has some, if not, the best riders on the team and being apart of that is insane really. Ronnie Remo has done an amazing job so far! Not only is Remo my team manager for Total, he is one of my really good friends. He is awesome and I can not thank him enough.

What has it been like riding for Total BMX?

A dream come true to be honest. They have some amazing bike parts, also some of the nicest team mates you could ask for. Riding for Total has defiantly being the best thing thats happened for me since I first got on a bike.

Riding wise you’ve been very active hitting up various comps and putting out frequent Instavids are you progressing and keeping on the bike?

Hell yeah, Instavids are the one. It is so easy to let your followers see what you do on a daily basis and also whilst you progress they can watch it too. I try and upload one every session, but its hard sometimes because you need to keep some new tricks aside for web edits.

As for contests, I haven’t being trying really hard, but I am going to be putting a lot more effort into videos and contests this year!

What is the scene like in Liverpool at the moment, we are seeing Rampworx changing constantly and there are so many good riders up there?

Thankfully the scene is getting a little better to be honest. I’ve lost a lot of real good mates recently and its really put a bummer on the riding scene and it sucks, but there isn't much you can do but just keep riding and keep your head up and stay cracking on. The scene will get bigger and better and you'll see a lot of edits out of Liverpool very soon!!

What’s next for Anton?

The next thing for me right now is getting fit and ready to film and drop my Total edit. I have a few tricks in mind to put out there what haven't been done yet so hopefully I can get this done ASAP.

Thanks for the interview Chris / Vital BMX and go follow me on Instagram @antonbmx. Peace!

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