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Anthony Napolitan likes things to be clean and neat. He even cleaned my car once because he was offended by how dirty it was! With that attitude, you know his bike must be beautiful. Check out his new Colony build - complete with his brand new "Galaxy Rust" colorway parts from Profile!


Frame: Colony Blaster - 21”

Fork: Odyssey R32 

Bars: Colony Biomech Bars - 8.9"

Grips: ODI Stay Strong 

Barends: ODI

Stem: Profile Push - 53mm

Headset: Colony

Cranks: Profile Column - 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Profile Mid

Sprocket: Profile Spline - 25t

Chain: Odyssey Blue Bird

Pedals: Yoshimura Cycling Chilao - Large 

Seat: Profile Fat Cap

Front Wheel: Profile Elite hub, titanium rainbow spokes, alloy nipples, Sun Envy rim

Rear Wheel: Profile Elite hub with titanium driver, titanium rainbow spokes, alloy nipples, Sun Envy rim

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter - 2.3"

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter - 2.3"

Brakes: Colony 

Brake Lever: Colony Bretheren

Gyro: Colony 

Weight: Around 23lbs 



Who are your current sponsors?

Maxxis Tires, Muc-Off, Profile Racing, Poc Sports, Colony, Rothrock Coffee, Ethika, 5050 BMX, YT Industries, Profile Elite MTB, DYEDBRO, Deity Components, Fox Shocks, and Bikehouse.


What's different on this bike than your previous?

I'm on Chris James' signature Blaster frame now instead of Nathan Sykes' Tradition frame, which was discontinued. I'm also honored to have my own signature colorway from Profile this year.


What is this frame color called?

I thought it was pretty cool that you asked me if I had painted this bike because the stock color is actually really unique! On the site, it’s called Trans Red, but it’s obviously a metallic purple. I’m going to name it Retic Platinum, because it reminds me of a certain python coloring from the reptile world. 





Give us the rundown on your new signature Profile colorway. How'd this come to be?

I’ll tell you what - it’s been a very long journey to achieve this colorway. Matt Coplon at Profile and I started our talks over two years ago. I originally wanted to do a rust or patina looking wrap, so I had sent Matt different photos of rusted metal. We came across this anodizer that does yo-yos and the splatter effect that they did kind of created a similar look. I picked a few colors and we sent some product off for samples. Once we got the samples back, I had thought that the colors looked like a galaxy - and that’s basically how I came up with the name Galaxy Rust. You’ll be able to find that laser-etched into every hub. Every hub is also unique and not one hub is alike.


Are you riding the Galaxy Rust parts on your mountain bike also?

I am! I have a set of Profile Elite MTB hubs on my DH bike, along with the Helm stem. 



Tell us a little about these pedals...

They are the Yoshimura Chilao pedals in size large. Yes - Yoshimura like the motorcycle. These pedals come in two sizes, they are super light, and they are handmade and assembled in the USA. 


Do you normally ride a sprocket this small?

Not normally. I usually ride a 28 tooth sprocket. As I mentioned before, this colorway took over two years to bring to reality. Unfortunately, COVID hit during the process and product was hard to come by when it came time to send our order to the anodizer. The sprocket on my bike is the only one in existence. Galaxy Rust will be available in almost every product that Profile makes aside from sprockets. Orders will be very limited. 




What's new with Colony? Anything exciting in the works? 

Nothing new that I can think of off-hand. 


What's the oldest part on your bike?

I always build my bikes from scratch. There is one thing on my bike that I move over from each build. Flybikes made this top plate gyro piece years ago. I just love it and I move it from bike-to-bike. The second oldest thing are my signature bars. Colony stopped making them. I’ll probably go back to the Alex Hiam bars next build. 


How long do you think you'll be on this beast?

Probably between a year and year-and-a-half. I try not to stretch the life span any further past that. 



What's next on your agenda?

Outside of my normal riding, there really hasn’t been that much going on in BMX lately. I did two dirt events in January, a few jams, and helped rebuild jumps for X-Games. MTB has been full-on and keeps me really busy. I still try to keep a healthy balance between the both of them. If a dirt event were to present itself, I would be there in a heartbeat. As for now, I’ve been trying out different events in racing MTBs and creating video projects.


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