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Text/photos: Justin Kosman 


Adam Banton is a pretty mellow guy, but it all depends on what his iPod is playing that day. Here’s a look at Adam’s top five bands and what the voices in his head tell him to do after listening to a couple songs from album.


Banton space rock
1.) Statistics: "Leave Your Name." I think Brian Tunney or Leif Valin told me to check these guys out. I've been really into them ever since. I really don't know much about the band, though. A perfect emo (yeah, I hate that word, too), space rock, ambient album. Perfect for padding up or warming up when you get to where you want to ride. Stew Johnson surprised me by using the band for my last song for my Props interview. Thanks Stew!

2.) Darkest Hour. My friend Mike Vincent who I grew up riding with put out their first album. We're all from Northern Virginia. I've been a fan for a while, but not until the past two years have I really considered them a top-five favorite. They annihilate, bottom line. Metal, death metal, Swedish death metal, whatever you classify them as, you'll be motivated through a good park session or do that gap that has haunted you on street. I listen to these guys almost every time I ride.

Adam Banton whip3.) Beck: "Sea Change." You never know what your gonna get with Beck these days. I've been a fan since high school. He's proven himself as a musical chameleon. He can be overheard playing through the speakers at Bed, Bath and Beyond while you shop or playing the Warped Tour. This album is really slow country, lazy, thinking music. A great album to doze off to on a long flight.

4.) Horse the Band: I admit, at first I could only take about five minutes of these guys, but they grew on me. Now I force everyone else to hear them through my blaring Amp Can wherever I ride these days. These guys are from West L.A., an unlikely place for a metal band with a large influence of keyboards to emerge. They sing about Super Mario Brother Nintendo games, and have all the sounds from the game interlaced with their songs. This is good when I feel like doing speed lines and dodging little kids at the park, or just trying to ride hard with out getting too serious.

5.) The Books. Jeff Z and I have a very similar music palette so he suggested this band. When I asked what they sounded like he didn't have an answer. I listen to them  if I'm in a chill mood while traveling, which is great for people watching at airports and trying to have more patience with the airlines. The music is kind of like a journey of stories and more of tuning of instruments rather than playing them. Great background music—they are amazing.

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