After Diamondback USA's departure from the BMX world, Ben Hucke has been without a frame sponsor. However, Ben isn't in any rush to find a new home. Because Ben rides for Dan's Comp, he can get his hands on any frame he wants pretty easily. He recently built up a fresh S&M ATF with a bunch of new Shadow parts. Take a closer look -

Frame: S&M ATF 20.75
Bars: My Signature Shadow Local Bars 8.75
Fork: Shadow Inceptive
Stem: Shadow Ravager Front Load
Grips: Shadow Chula
Headset:  Shadow Stacked HS with Grande Cap
Cranks: Shadow Noctis
Pedals: Shadow Ravager PC
Sprocket: Shadow Serpent
Chain: Shadow Interlock V.2
Seat / Post: Shadow Pivotal
Front Wheel / Tire: Shadow Corvus w' 2.4 Valor tire
Rear Wheel / Tire: Shadow Corvus w' 2.4 Valor tire
Brakes / Pads: Shadow Sano
Brake Lever: Shadow Sano
Brake Cable: Shadow Linear

Of all the frames in the world, what made you go with this one?
It had the exact geometry I wanted and I knew it would last me the longest. Looking through the Dan’s Comp catalog deciding on a frame made me feel like a kid again. I think the last frame I ever bought was an S&M through Dan’s Comp. That was probably 16 years ago… Haha.

How are you liking the frame?

I’m liking it. It has a shorter rear triangle and a quarter inch shorter top tube than I’m used to. It always feels good to switch it up.

How long have you been on this bike?
About a week. Today was the second time I’ve ridden it.

What’s up with the brakes? Are they back for good?

I think they’re here to stay. On the last Shadow trip, I rode Drew Bezanson’s bike and had a blast doing brake tricks. If I can ever get used to having a lever on my bars, they will stay. Right now it’s a little awkward, but I’m having fun with them.

Any new signature parts from Shadow in the works?
Currently working on my seat for next season. It’s looking good. Also working on a custom colorway for my Local Bars.

Any clue what this thing weighs in at?
I never weight my bikes. Probably 25-26lbs, I’d assume.

What’s next on your agenda?
Heading a couple hours south of Portland to work on a Dan’s Comp / Vital video this week. After that, just hanging at home with Levi, getting ready for an upcoming art show, and riding every day it’s nice until my next Shadow DVD trip.

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  • Eddy D

    5/20/2014 5:02 PM

    That is a bad ass bike!!!