Big Boy Bike Check

In addition to being a very large man, Alex "Big Boy" Whistance isn't shy about beating the hell out of a bike. His Tall Order build may not look like much, but this thing has survived some serious wars and shows no signs of slowing down. Take a look and learn all about it from the man himself!


Frame: Tall Order Matty Cranmer - 20.6"

Fork: Shadow Odin

Bars: Shadow Vultus Featherweight - 11" - big human = big bars

Grips: One is a Shadow VVS, the other is a Shadow Gipsy

Barends: Shadow

Stem: Shadow VVS Frontload

Headset: Shadow Tall Cap

Cranks: Shadow Trey Jones Killer - 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Shadow

Sprocket: Shadow Maya - 28t 

Chain: Shadow Supreme

Pedals: Shadow Surface

Seat: Shadow Logo

Brakes: No idea - found them at Scotty's bike shop

Brake Lever: Shadow Sano - Short

Gyro: Straight cable, baby!

Front Wheel: Top secret - possible new part...

Rear Wheel: Top secret - possible new part...

Front Tire: Shadow Contender

Rear Tire: Shadow Contender

Weight: 26lbs - and proud of it!


Who are your current sponsors?

Shadow Conspiracy 

What made you choose this frame?

There is this guy named Matty Cranmer and he is kinda cool... I ride very similar to him so I figured I would ride his frame. Haha!

Tell us about the "custom graphics..."

Matty sharpied my name over his. Kind looks more fitting, honestly...

Big Boy Bike Check

Big Boy Bike Check

Big Boy Bike Check

When did you build this bike up? 

Seven months ago.

Any special modifications?

There is seven-month-old spray cheese in the bars because I got pranked by the guys.

What part do you break the most?

Spokes because I do flairs every day and still suck at them.


What's the deal with your grips...

I only usually rip one at a time so, instead of replacing both, I just replace the one when it's time. The two different grips also help me tell my left from right.

Is that a taped-on straddle cable?

Indeed it is. I work on my brakes myself and I am terrible at adjusting them. There is some slack in them, so if I don't do that, it just pops out the brake arm.

Do you change parts regularly or is this basically your ideal setup?

I don't believe in an ideal setup. I will ride whatever you throw at me and figure out how to like it.

Big Boy Bike Check

Big Boy Bike Check

Big Boy Bike Check

How good are you at working on your bike?

Not good, so I don't and that is why it looks like this.

What's the best thing about your bike?

Honestly the bars. Bigger is always better. Unfortunately, all of us are not always blessed with bigger things, so I had to get the biggest bars I could find. 

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