Camila Harambour is from Chile, lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and, if you somehow didn’t know it already, kills it on her bike. Chances are you saw her Power Hour we just dropped and, to follow that up, here’s an up-close look at her personal ride.

Frame: Total BMX Voltron V1 - 20.6
Bars: Total BMX GS - 8.65
Fork: Total BMX GS
Stem: Eclat Nathan Williams
Grips: Cult Chase DeHart
Cranks: 34R Orto
Pedals: Demolition Trooper
Chain: 34R Orto
Seat: Total BMX Blackjack Combo
Front Wheel: 34R Roto rim, Odyssey Antigram Hub
Front Tire: Cult Chase DeHart - 2.25
Rear Wheel: 34R Roto rim, Odyssey Antigram Hub
Rear Tire: Cult DeHart - 2.25
Pegs: Southern
Headset: Total BMX
Sprocket: 34R Orto

How long have you been on this frame? How do you like it?
I’ve been riding it for a year now and I love it! It has always felt good and I didn’t need to get used to it at all. It’s not too short and not too long. It’s comfortable.

Any special modifications?
Not really. Everything is the original length and color.

What do your friends at home in Argentina think of your UK flag seat?
Haha! I know there are some not too happy with it, but most of them don’t mind. Argentina and England have been arguing for some time for the Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas and Chile (I’m Chilean) helped England when they got into war for them. Chile, Argentina, and England are the three countries I’ve lived in and I love them all. Don’t really care about anything else!

How long have you ridden brakeless?
The first time I took them off was in 2011, but then I put them back on for some time when I was back from an injury. Then, back to being brakeless since November 2013. If I feel I’m not doing stuff because I haven’t got brakes on, I’ll put them back on. If I feel I’m only using them to stop, I’ll take them off. Whatever helps me progress more.

Do you know what this thing weighs in at?
I have no clue. It could be lighter so the airlines don’t charge me an overweight fee! But it’s pretty and I love it.

Who all do you ride for?
GoPro (Argentina), Bodacious Clothing, and Novik Gloves.

Unrelated to your bike, how’s your ankle?
A lot better, thank you! Glad nothing is broken. A good amount of ligaments are not as good as they should be, but shouldn’t be long ’til I’m on my bike again.

Any thanks?
Thanks you, Kyle, for this! Thanks to Total BMX (Webbie and Remo) for hooking me up! Thanks to my sponsors and, of course, a big thank you to my friends and family for the support! Especially my brother Mati who I blame for having a “street” bike.

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  • jake-loves-to-ride

    9/2/2014 10:40 AM

    She's really fucking good, and has balls, that 270 peg stall on the big quarter was mad.