Bike Check: Dan Foley's Cult Hawk

​I'm currently in the Raleigh, North Carolina area. Dan Foley met up the other day and was rockin' a fresh new steed. I found it to be quite gorgeous, so figured we'd snap a few photos, chat about it, and show the world. Enjoy.

Cult Hawk 21"

Cult Sect

Cult Hawk - cut to 26.5"

Cult Salvation


Madera 22mm Samples

Bottom Bracket:

Madera Helm 28t

Cult Half Link

Cult Dak

Cult / Further Collab


Front Tire:
Cult AK 2.5"

Front Rim:
Cult Match

Front Hub:
Madera Pilot V2

Rear Tire:
Cult AK 2.5"

Rear Rim:
Cult Match

Rear Hub:
Madera Cassette V2

Hub Guards:
Madera (Front and Rear)

Cult Butter 4"

Any clue what this thing weighs?
No idea, but probably a 100% chance of it being between 20-25 lbs.

The new frame looks dope. How do you like it?
Thanks! I love it. Feels good on whatever I ride it on, plus the color is perfect. Not too colorful, not too neutral. I love the transparent look. Chase is my favorite rider too, so I'm psyched to be on his frame.

How's everything been with Cult so far?
It's been awesome. Just recently went on a week long trip to Florida with some of the dudes and had a great time. The whole crew is just made up of incredible riders and people. I love that the brand embraces diversity in riding and really gets behind BMX. Cult definitely gets what BMX is all about and I'm beyond psyched to be a part of it all.

Those tires are pretty big...
Trying to roll with Grandma at the dunes.

How's life after the freecoaster?
Louder, but less frustrating.

Think it'll make a return anytime soon?
Maybe. Both types of hubs have their pros and cons. The cassette feels oh so right at the moment, though.

Any signature parts in the works with Cult?
Not currently.

Any signature parts in the works with Madera?
Kind of...

Anything else exciting going on?
Heading to Spain in a few weeks for the next Vans Pro Cup stop. Can't wait to cruise Ruben's masterpiece of a park. It's also not cold outside, so that's pretty cool.

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