Bike Check: Jack Watts

Photos: Clem Hencher-Stevens

Name: Jack Watts
Age: 16
Location: Portsmouth, UK
Sponsors: Total Bmx and Halo Wheels

Photos: Clem Hencher-Stevens

Frame: Total BMX Voltron V2
Forks: Total BMX GS forks
Bars: Total BMX GS bars
Grips: ODI Longneck
Cranks: Total BMX Hangover cranks
Sprocket: Gusset
Chain: Gusset
Pedals: Colony Plastic pedals
Seat: Total BMX fat seat
Seatpost: -  I don't have a clue. It has been sprayed by Josh Crosswell, ha.
Front wheel: HaloPriest Rim , Halo double butted spokes , Halo MXF hub.
Front tyre: KHE Mac 2
Back wheel: Halo Priest , Halo double butted spokes , Halo MXR hub
Back tyre: KHE Mac 1.5
Pegs: Total BMX Skinnies

Photo: Clem Hencher-Stevens

Yo Jack , describe your current setup?

My current setup is my favourite yet. Probably because I've taken my brakes off, but my bike at the moment feels awesome. I'm really keen on my bright green frame and the chrome GS bars that I'm running at the moment, they feel nice and high on my front end and it feels perfect for how I ride.

Photos: Clem Hencher-Stevens

You decided not long ago to go brakeless. Has it affected your riding in any way?

It's not affected my riding in any way I dot think, if anything I'd like to say I've progressed a lot more. I think a brake was stopping that for me , I started getting pretty annoyed of having my brake in the way and not working all the time so when I built my new frame up I decided to keep them off. Since then I've been having so much fun on my bike and I can't see me putting them back on anytime soon.

You used to have the Ghetto Shed to ride on the regular, how has your riding been affected since it closed. Do you ride as much?

Since the GS has closed it's been hard to ride as much as I used too, Mark used to pick me up nearly everyday after school and we'd go ride till stupid times in the morning! I ride southsea a lot of the time now that the GS is gone but I try an get to Corby as much as I can now the set up is so good!

Metal or Plastic pedals?



Metal or Plastic pegs?


Where are you headed this year, Any big trips?

This year I'm just going to try an get to as many contests as I can! I'm really looking forward to simple session an all of the FISE stops!



Thanks Jack, any shout outs?

Huge shout outs to Ronnie Remo an Webbie from Total Bmx for everything! An Halo wheels!!

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