We caught up with Diamondback's newest rider Kayley Ashworth to see what she is riding.

Name: Kayley Ashworth
Age: 23
Location: Huthwaite
Sponsors: Diamondback, Fox Girls, Bawbags Underwear, Lifer BMX Shop and Rocketdog Brands

Frame: Diamondback Nightseeker 20.8tt
Forks: Diamondback Chisel Forks
Bars: Diamondback Team 11 Butted Cro-mo – prototype
Stem: Diamondback MotoX
Grips: Diamondback Viper Grip
Headset: VP 45/45 Campy Integrated
Cranks: Diamondback Pro 48 Spline
Sprocket: Diamondback 25T
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Front Wheel: Diamondback Prototype Hub & Alienation Skylark Rim
Front Tyre: Premium Refuse Resist
Rear Wheel: Diamondback Prototype Hub & Alienation 440 Rim
Rear Tyre: Premium Refuse Resist
Pegs: None, yet.
Seat: Diamondback Pivotal
Seat: Post: Diamondback Pivotal
Mods: …now, that'd be telling – I’m getting custom hubs but they've not arrived yet.

Kayley, congratulations on the new deal with Diamondback. How does it feel?

Thanks, I was stoked to become part of the Diamondback team! I didn't realise how much of a big deal it was until it was released, now I’m doing interviews, bike checks and people are congratulating me in person, how strange! I can't reiterate enough that I just enjoy riding my bike; I've never asked anyone for sponsorship, so when this came around I was flattered to be approached by someone like Diamondback.

Could you describe your setup for us?

My set-up is light and with a short back end. Top loader stem and an increase rise in my bars – I love it, granted, I haven’t rode it properly yet, I’m still waiting for 2 screw holes in my arm to heal over, so all I can say is that hopping in, manuals and fakies are fun.

What is your favourite part about your new bike?

The short back end and the weight really helps me ride personally, I’m not a ‘big’ person nor do I have a great amount of strength compared to some, so the weight makes a difference.Running a top loader stem and having bigger bars altered my stance completely. I really like the entire bike!

You’ve been known in the past to have bright pink bikes. Is there a plan for you to spray this setup pink?

Haha, yeah, I've sprayed my bikes pink, my first bike was pink and black, and then my Superstar was bright pink with glitter! I do like my bike the way it is, I still have pink stickers on it, which will do for now – once my bike has a few bumps and scrapes across it, I'll put it in for a spray then, I’d like to have an element of pink (or even purple) in it, but I'm not sure what I want exactly.

Have you given your bike a name?

Erm, no. ‘Bike’ maybe?

Metal or plastic pedals?

Plastic! The backs of my legs are horrendous with scars and bruises from the pins in metal pedals ¬_¬ never again.

Metal or plastic pegs?

I normally run metal pegs, I took them off for the Riderz Tour as I didn't want to be taking children out with them. I thought about putting them back on last night, I'm not an intense street rider so I don't really think it matters what type of pegs I run.

If you could have any signature product, what would it be?

Oh Chris, that’s a good one. I don't think I'd have a product, I’d rather have a signature colour or something, there are that many parts out there now I wouldn't want to over saturate the market - there are enough parts out there to make a decent bike.

Any shout outs?

I’d like to keep this part short, I really wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my family and close friends for putting up with my list of injuries, my paddies when I can’t ride and birthdays that I miss because I’m away.I can’t leave out my gratitude to all my sponsors for, first of all giving me the opportunity to do things like this, and secondly, sticking around when I’m down! THANKS :D

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