Name: Ryan Winterbotham
Age: 21
Location: Farnborough, UK
Sponsors: Colony, Pijin BMX shop, Between trees


Frame: Colony Teddy 20.85
Forks: Colony Guardian
Bars: Colony 24/7 bars
Stem: Colony Official
Grips: Cult x Vans waffle grips
Headset: Colony
Cranks: Colony Colonial v2
Sprocket: Colony CC
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic pedals
Front Wheel: Colony Clone hub laced to a Colony Contour rim
Front Tyre: Wethepeople Feelin'
Rear Wheel: Profile Mini laced to Colony Contour rim
Rear Tyre: Fit FAF
Pegs: Animal Butcher pegs
Seat: Wethepeople
Seat Post: Pivital
Mods: nothing


Ryan tell us about how you like your setup?

Brakeless, couple of pegs and everything tight seems to be doing it for me. May switch things up at some point soon though!

What is your favourite part on your bike?

Favourite part of my bike is believe it or not probably my pedals, super grippy and such a good feel to them.


You run a 10mm axle on the rear with pegs, why not run a 14mm axle for extra strength?

If I'm honest I had my hub before I ever ran pegs and just made do with it, 4 years later and it's still holding up strong, If it ain't broke don't fix it.


Plastic or metal pedals?

Plastic pedals, I've not worn pads for a few years now and I couldn't even begin to think how bad a shiner from metal pedals would be, they are bad enough with plastics haha


Plastic or metal pegs?

Currently have plastic sleeves over my pegs, but that's laziness of not changing them from being at an indoor skatepark that doesn't allow metals, but Id definitely chose metal over plastic any day.


If you could have a signature product, what would it be?

Definitely a frame, I'm so picky when it comes to what frame I ride so that would be a blessing.


Any thanks?

Big thanks to my sponsors and anyone who helps me in anyway that let's me ride and smile!

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