I met Storm this week while visiting Brad McNicol and I was stoked on his riding and what a good guy he was. Storm reps The Set and this is his ride.


Name: Storm Hughes
Location: St Andrews, Scotland
Sponsors: 20Twentystore, TheSet and Cauld


Frame: The Set Blackout 20.8
Forks: Shadow Conspiracy Vultus
Bars: The Set KGBC bars 8.75
Headset: The Set
Stem: Shadow Conspiracy
Grips: Shadow Conspiracy
Cranks: The Set Stealth
Sprocket: The Set Mantra 25Th
Pedals: Shadow Con Ravager
Seat: The Set Mid
Post: The Set
Front Wheel: Shadow Raptor laced to a Corvus Rim
Front Tire: Cult Dehart
Rear Wheel: Shadow Raptor 9Th laced to a Corvus Rim
Rear Tire: Cult Dehart
Pegs: Cult Butter
Mods: Cut the bars down a tad to 28.5


Storm, tell us a little bit about your bike setup?

My setup is pretty tall at the front end, wide tires, hub guards all round, mid seat clean and simple.


How long have you been riding for The Set?

I have been riding for The Set just under a year now, stoked to be a part of it!


You are from Scotland, but you do not have a Scottish accent. Why is that?

I honestly get so much shit for this, I don’t really know I guess I never really had a strong accent and when I went traveling to the States and Australia I picked up a couple words and it stuck 2 and bit years later I still have this mixed accent! I think it was Zander Rourke is started calling me a Faussie (fake Australian) some shit like that! It’s a good one though!


I always get freaked out by parts with holes in, your cranks have big holes in. Tell us whyyou're comfortable with that?

If I’m honest I was sceptical about them, but I have been running for them a year now. I've not had a problem with them and they get a fair bit of abuse from grinds and just generally getting knocked about. They've remained solid with no dents, bends, or cracks. I’m stoked on them and they are a good shape for crankarms grinds! The Set have a promise and I quote the boss -“The holes, you will not break these arms if someone does from riding we will give that person & a friend , a new set each & a parts package , it ain't gonna happen! Our cranks will kick your current cranks ass!!”


Metal or plastic pegs?

Plastic for sure

Metal or plastic pedals?



One thing I noticed with your riding is you like to go backwards in and out of grinds. Is there a reason you have not switched to a freecoaster?

I guess I like pedal pressure for control when going backwards, I find them a bit unpredictable. If I got used to running one I may make the switch, but I’m enjoying my cassette for the moment.

If you could have any signature product, what would it be?

A frame, I have always wanted to tweak about with the geometry and just see what I could come up with.


Finally, any thanks?

First off my family, my parents for driving me about and supporting me when I was younger and still to this day. My brothers and sister for giving me hell and making me push myself! Mike at 20Twenty for all the help and opportunities over the years, Chris and Lewis at the shop for putting up with me! Marc at THESET for the gear and the support! Brad, Ken and Scott down at Trans for the good times at the park and riding! Both Cupar and Dudhope Locals! Last but not least the guys I ride with on the daily Timmy, Sam, Jonny and Josh for putting up with me, giving me a place to crash and filming!

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