Matt Bischoff is a one-of-a-kind dude. From running bike brands, to starring on CBS’s Survivor, to creating crazy music, he’s always doing something pretty damn interesting.

Some quick history (that you probably already know) to get you up to speed before you read this - Matt started Failure Bikes almost ten years ago. A little over two years ago, Matt sold Failure to Clay Goldsmid (the owner of Hyper and Snafu) and continued to run the brand. Matt played a big role in their trifecta of brands ever since.

News dropped last week that Matt had parted ways with Hyper / Failure / Snafu and taken a job much closer to home with DK. We reached out to Matt to get the facts straight about his new position, his relationship with the brands was previously working with, and all of the other madness he currently has going on in his life.

Congrats on the new gig at DK. Seems like a perfect fit to me. How’d this come about?
Thanks, man. I have been friends with everyone at DK for a long time. Head honcho Bill Danishek hit me up about a job opening at DK that was a very good opportunity for me. I am really stoked to be a part of the DK family.

I’m sure you’ll be wearing many hats, but what’s your official job title?
My official job title is Sales Manager and Social Media, but this is BMX and DK is a team effort. I will be doing everything from building bikes, grooming pump tracks, working events, helping with product design, building ramps, sweeping floors, and always keeping it fun!

I know you have deep roots with the DK crew. Tell us a little bit that…
As a kid growing up in southern Ohio, DK was always an awesome brand with amazing riders and the people that worked there were all riders themselves. They would always hook me up with deals on frames and parts, and it was cool to be able to drive to their warehouse and pick up any parts I would need for my bike. Over the years, I became good friends with everyone there and they were the reason that I was able to start my own brand, Failure Bikes, back in 2005. Without DK / System Cycle, I would not be where I am today.

Did you build up a DK bike yet? If so, what is it?

Yes, sir. I built up an X Model bike and tossed on a few of my old parts. The bike is rad right out of the box. I am actually really stoked on the color of it. Simple and clean.

How far is DK headquarters from the Bischoff compound?

DK is a forty-five minute drive from my house. Looks like I will be having to replace my Chevy Conversion Van ASAP! My morning commute gives me the chance to listen to music, work on lyrics and melodies for new songs my band is working on, and watch businessmen pick their noses.

I’m assuming this means no more Hyper / Snafu. Any comment on that?
You are exactly right. I have been working with Hyper and I had a very long history with Snafu. I started riding for Snafu in like 1999 or 2000 and became very good friends with McGoo. In 2012, Snafu was sold to Clay at Hyper and I took over managing the brand. I had a great time over the years with Snafu both as a rider and managing the brand. I wish Hyper and Snafu nothing but the best.

How about Failure… Things have been pretty silent as of late. Any update there?
Yeah, man. Failure is also owned by Clay. Earlier this year, we had switched Harry Main from Failure to Hyper to step up the Hyper brand. Failure was always a more small, core brand and right now Failure is on the back burner. I have no involvement anymore, so I’m not sure what is going to happen with the brand. But remember… Suckcess is not an option.

Anything in particular we should watch out for from you and the DK crew?
We have a lot of things in the works at DK. We are ramping up our product development and will have a new line of frames and parts from 2015. We just moved into our new building and I have been busy organizing the warehouse and sorting through a ton of lumber. Ron Kimler and Craig Billingsley are actually coming here today to start building a new ramp setup here, which is going to be awesome. Master BMX dirt builder Tom Ritz will be coming here to build an outdoor pump track, too. It’s going to be sweet to spend lunch breaks riding! We are going to be launching our 2015 bikes and are having a dealer party in September at our new building, which is gonna be super rad. Stay tuned for more info!

What else is new in the life of The Beard?
I lead a pretty wild life. I recently hosted the live webcast for Dew Tour in Ocean City. That is always a really fun time. Music is a huge part of my life and my band, Moonbow, is recording a new record as we speak for a winter release. I also have another side project band called Brotherhood of the Beard that I am working on. My kids’ clothing brand just launched our new website and new brand at We offer our own line of clothing as well as our BMX brand tees. The response has been amazing and I love making rad stuff for rad kids! I am always doing different charity events for Survivor stuff, which is cool. Most importantly, I’m enjoying the summer with my wife and my kids. Catching toads, riding bikes, camping out, and having fun every day.

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