It seems like some brands are adding new riders all of the time. Premium is not one of those brands. Since day one, Premium has always been a prestigious team to be a part of and, with riders like Chad Kerley and Connor Lodes holding it down, that prestige is alive and well.

Last week, Premium announced they have added a young dude from San Diego - Blake Peter - to their AM team. Aside from hearing his name from a few of the MARKIT dudes, I was completely unfamiliar with Blake. His introductory Premium video (which was shot by Christian Rigal) definitely made me take notice. I reached out to Blake in hopes of learning a bit more about Premium’s newest addition.

First off, that was a nasty crash on that railhop. Word on the street is you had to get surgery. How did that go?
It was my first time getting surgery and I actually had to have two in two weeks. Anyone can agree the worst part is the wait to get back on the bike.

Are you back on your bike yet?
I haven't been cleared to ride yet, but I have been flowin’ some skateparks the past few weeks. I find it more helpful than physical therapy to strengthen up the wrist!

So how did this Premium deal come about? They’re definitely not the type of brand to be adding new riders regularly…
From what I know, John Buultjens (Premium BMX Brand Manager) up at Premium asked Connor (Lodes) and Chad (Kerley) who they thought would be a good addition to the AM team and they picked me. I ended up meeting John and a good friend Dave White for lunch up in Poway and he asked be if I was interested in riding for them. I couldn't be more thankful for this opportunity.

Tell us a little more about yourself… Where do you live? How long have you been riding? Do you ride for anyone else? Do you have a job? Do you go to school?
I reside in San Diego, CA - La Mesa area. I always rode around as a kid - flowed the local race track here and there, but really got into riding about six years ago. Other than Premium, I’d like to give shouts to my friend Patrick Neilson. He started a company making sweet packpacks as well as the most dialed bike bags you've ever seen. Check him out on IG @tragenusa. No other current sponsors. At the moment I am not enrolled in school and I was working full-time construction before this injury.

Give us a rundown on your current bike setup…
This year, I’ve been running the 20.8 Aurora 2 frame with Aurora forks and bars (8.45 rise). Been loving it more than any set up I’ve ever ridden. As of yesterday, I put on a 20.8 CK frame linked together with Premium twi piece cranks, Gnarstar sprocket, Samsara wheels with the stinger cassette, slim plastic pedals, Sub10 v3 topload stem, Kink Samurai grips, 2.4 CK tires all day, and a Demolition/Markit tripod seat and seat post.

What’s the best part about joining the Premium crew?
I've been riding with Chad and Connor for a while, but to officially be part of the same crew feels amazing. Getting to go out filming and shooting photos has been rad. And, of course, having a reliable bike and the support to keep rollin' is a huge upside.

Does riding with guys like the MARKIT crew have a big influence on your riding?

Definitely. They're always pushing their limits and getting the most ridiculous clips. Their mentality rubs off on you when you're about to go in on a clip. Easily the most positive dudes in BMX.

What are your ambitions as a BMX rider? Are you hoping to eventually move into a pro spot or are you content as an AM?
Seeing what all my friends get to do seems so surreal - traveling all over the world and riding new spots sounds like something anyone would enjoy doing. Earning a spot on the pro team is definitely a goal of mine, however I’m still so psyched to even be part of the AM team. It’s an honor.

What can we expect to see from you next?
I think the first thing i'll work on is just a little skatepark edit at the local Clairemont park to get back into the swing of things, then hopefully go back to the railhop... Haha, just kidding. Probably start filming some street clips, though, once I’m 100% healed up.

Any thanks?
First and foremost, my brother for getting me a sweet deal on a Fit Team complete bike back when I was fourteen. That's what started it for me. Also, can't thanks Dennis (Enarson) and Connor (Lodes) enough for all they've done as far as keeping my bike dialed in when I didn't have a bike sponsor. Premium for all they've done for me this year. And, of course, my parents for getting me my first bike and being so supportive with whatever I choose to do.

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