Bob Haro Introduces New Bell Helmets Collab

Where would BMX be without Bob Haro? I don't think that's something any of us want to think about. 

Bob has his hands in a lot of different ventures these days, but always makes time for exciting projects in BMX. Case in point, this brand new collaboration with Bell Helmets

Bob teamed up with Bell to bring his signature aesthetic to their Custom 500 helmet. Throw some history and a new shirt in the mix, and we've got an awesome kit. 

Check out what Bob had to say about working with Bell and find out where you can pick up a helmet of your own - 


Bell has been in BMX for a very long time. What’s your history with them?

As a rider and racer, I've used their product over the years. As a designer and illustrator, Bell was one of the early iconic brands that I would always illustrate in my cartoons in BMX Action and Motocross Action magazines. The Bell logo in my cartoons seemed to make my illustrations more legit.

How did this collaboration come about?

I received an e-mail message from their brand director - Casey Potter - and he asked if I would be interested in working with them on a re-issue of my freestyle team helmet. I was extremely flattered and humbled and gladly said yes to the idea and their offer.


From Nike to Red Bull, you’ve collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the game. What was it like working with Bell?

Yes - I have and have been very fortunate over the years, as I’ve collaborated with Vans, Red Bull, Nike, Oakley, Haro Bikes, and now Bell. I’m thankful to be recognized and appreciated for my designs and the contributions that I have made in BMX and moto that have allowed me this opportunity. 

Working with Bell and Casey has been an absolute pleasure. We've had mutual appreciation and respect and I am honored to work with such an iconic and esteemed brand. 

What made you choose the Custom 500 as your canvas for this venture?

I believe the Custom 500 most closely replicates the helmet that I wore with the old-school “open-face” design and its shape lended itself well to my original helmet design.


I know this is primarily a moto helmet. Do you expect to see anyone riding BMX in it?

I hope so. Its a cool helmet and, more importantly, the helmet technology has significantly improved - so this is a bonus, along with its good looks!

Is this helmet's aesthetic based specifically on one you used in the past?

This is an exact replica of my helmet. I had the simple light blue and dark blue stripes on my helmet from my first tour in 1981. I redid all of the artwork to match the stripe size and colors as closely as possible. For the visor, I found old images of my peak visor and recreated and scaled the artwork to match as close as possible to what I ran back in the day.


Is the artwork in this collaboration all from the 80s or is some of it new?

This is all new art that replicates what I originally ran in the early 80s.

Tell us about the design that appears on the shirt…

This was an illustration that I made for BMX Action Magazine in the 80s and was typical of the “full-contact” riding style from that time. I freshened up the drawing a bit with my color graphics and I thought is appropriate for the collaboration, as the riders had Bell helmets in the illustration.


What sort of influence do your BMX roots have on your art in 2020?

I’m nostalgic and prefer the images of BMX from the 70s and 80s to today's photography. I felt the photography back then was much more dynamic and visually artistic. Today, my influences are a mosh-pit from surf culture, to motocross, to street and athletic wear, and more.

I know these helmets are limited. Where can they be purchased?

They can be purchased directly from and my website,


Any other big collaborations on the horizon for you?

Too soon to say, but I’m working on some new items to share soon!

As a man who has seen freestyle BMX in all of its forms, what’s your take on the sport today?

The sport has progressed beyond anything I could have ever imagined when I first started riding and doing freestyle BMX tours in 1981.

The sport's progression and the technical skills of the riders over the years just seems to constantly get elevated and, with the Olympics on the horizon, I’m sure were going to see the next-generation of tricks and riders that take the sport beyond our imaginations of what is even possible on a BMX bike! I’m excited for the sport!


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