Brad Simms is flat-out incredible on a BMX bike, and those skills have put him on airplanes headed around the world for the past year, getting to sample scenes in countries most will never see. Vital BMX asked Brad some questions to give you some insight into what life is like for Hoffman Bike’s latest destroyer.


Photo by Mark Losey

How did you get into BMX in the first place?
My uncle Mark—one day he came up to the house with a cool bike and started doing a bunch of tricks that I had never seen before. So after about two weeks I quit playing football and started racing.

You've been traveling a lot over the past few years.
Yeah, last April was my first time leaving America, so in the last year I have seen 17 countries. Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have seen close to 30.

Have you found a place you'd like to move, or are you happy being on the move?
Honestly, I think at the end of the year I will find somewhere to move, maybe East or West. I love the lifestyle but it's starting to get kind of hectic with having my sponsors send me stuff to a different address every month, and sometimes stuff comes up missing.

You get tons of coverage riding street but you also blast on park. Do you like riding both?
I prefer to ride street, but I love going really high out of quarters. The thing with ramps is that I start to get bored with them after a few hours. For some reason I never try to progress at park riding. I just like to do my favorite air tricks as high as I can and that’s it.

How did you wind up on Hoffman Bikes, and what's it like riding for the team?
Will Stroud and Chad Shack put in a good word right after my Shook video part had dropped, and shortly after that I became the newest member of the team. The only thing I can say about riding for HB is that it's AMAZING!


What is your preferred bike setup?
20.875” HB Loyalty, but I'll be on my prototype in a few days. It's called the B-Rad frame, 175mm cranks, 36-spoke wheels.

You ride at a pretty high level. When you are out riding, are you always firing out big stuff, or do you play and cruise sometimes?
It really depends where I am at, but I do cruise from time to time.

What's the most fun trip you've been on for BMX?
The month-long trip right before X Games. Slovenia and Croatia are a must-see.

Do you have any goals with BMX? Are you trying to accomplish anything in particular, or are you just along for the ride?
Seeing the world and enjoying the ride of my life.

Who would you like to thank?
God, family, Hoffman Bikes, Target, DC Shoes, Micreation, SNAFU, Sidewall Distribution, Vital BMX for the interview, all my friends and anyone who has helped me out.


Photo by Matej

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