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In the midst of training for the upcoming Olympic Games, Australian beast Brandon Loupos recently built up a fresh new Hyper Lunatic. Since being released last year, Brandon's signature Lunatic frame has really taken off and it only seemed right to take an up-close look at his personal build. Check it!

Photos by Wayne Cant

Frame: Hyper BMX Lunatic

Fork: Snafu Magical

Bars: Snafu Jackson 9.25”

Grips: Sensus Emil Johansson

Barends: Sensus

Stem: Profile Push 48mm

Headset: Snafu

Cranks: Snafu Mayweather 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Vocal

Sprocket: Profile Spline Drive 28t 

Chain: KMC K710SL 

Pedals: Snafu Anorexic

Seat: Eclat Combo

Front Wheel: Profile Elite, Ti bolts, Ti spokes, Alienation Akylark rim, and Tubolito tube

Rear Wheel: Profile Elite, Ti driver, Ti bolts, Ti spokes, Odyssey 7KA rim, and Tubolito tube

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter 2.1” foldable 

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter 1.85” foldable 

Brakes: Kink Desist 

Brake Lever: Odyssey Mono Medium

Gyro: Snafu Mobeus 

Weight: Around 9kgs (19.84lbs)


You just switched from one Lunatic frame to another. How'd the last one hold up for you?

The last one held up perfectly. I had it for seven months and that’s a record for me. I just built a new one because I’ve had the last one for ages and gave it a pretty hard life riding it everyday. The old whip will enjoy retirement!

Any specific reason for the new build or did you just want to freshen things up?

I was pretty hard on the last one and didn’t want to risk anything while riding. 

How important is the weight of your bike? 

Pretty important, but it’s also important for the bike to be strong and solid. I still have the small titanium stuff, but I also have stronger big parts that have more potential to bend or snap, so my bike feels more solid and strong rather than light and twitchy for the sake of saving half a kilo.




What all is different from your last build?

I have different brakes. I went with the Kink brakes instead of Fly. Back rim is new. I’ve never had these grips before. The seat is different because the Snafu seat is pretty hard to get here in Australia - they’re sold out completely around the world as of now. 

Are there any parts that you absolutely refuse to change? 

First and foremost, my frame! My handlebars. Not a word of a lie - I rode these before I rode for Snafu and these are by far the best I’ve ever had - and I’ve ridden a lot of different bars over my eighteen years of riding. My white cables? Hahaha. I love the look of them and they’re not necessarily the easiest to install - you have to do some light machining to fit them to the Odyssey lever - but once they’re on, they look amazing.  Hubs, tubes, spokes, front rim, tires, Vocal bottom bracket. I’d say that’s pretty much everything! Everything else I like, but if something better were to come out, I’d test it and see what I think! 

What's the oldest part on your bike - or is everything brand new? 

Everything is brand new! I ended swapping brake pads from my old to new bike, so I guess it’s not all brand new after all - haha. 

I've seen Lunatic frames popping up everywhere. Are you surprised by how quickly they took off? 

Dude, it’s absolutely mind blowing to me how many people have them. 

I’m so grateful for Hyper giving me a signature frame for everyone to enjoy. Big thank you to everyone who has bought one. I love every single one of you and it means more to me than y’all think. 


Who are some of the riders you've been most stoked to see on Lunatics? 

There are a lot of the homies on them! Josh Matthews, Sam Gibson, Isaac Macaloney, Hannah Roberts, Kevin Fabregue, Brooklyn, Cory Bergler - I wish I could name everyone who copped one.

Any clue what the future holds for the Lunatic frame? 

We will be making some small changes to make the frame better. More info will be out once I get a prototype to test! 

Is anything else exciting happening in the world of Brandon Loupos?

A lot! So much Riding, training, working out, eating, sleeping, driving, and drinking an unreasonable amount of coffee. You know, getting ready for The Olympics!

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