Brett Walker Interview


Text/Photos: Justin Kosman 

Name: Brett Walker
Age: 21
Hometown: Corona, CA
Local park/trails: Santana and 65th skateparks, Rick’s trails
Local riders: Biz, Corey Bohan, Dave Dillewaard, Heath Pinter
Sponsors: DK Bicycles, Etnies shoes, Coalition parts

What was your first bike and where did you first "get your ramp on?"
My first real BMX was a Redline 440 Expert, and I first “got my ramp on” in about second grade with neighborhood kids just riding curbs and jumping plywood resting on bricks for ramps. It was awesome.

What’s it like being the local boy, seeing pro riders come and go from the California scene? Did that raise the bar having those guys to ride with?

It was awesome seeing all the pros almost on a daily basis. Being able to ride with guys like Bohan every night is crazy. Just being able to watch BMX progression at its all-time best is a real treat. Riding with Bohan, Biz, and Dillewaard definitely raised the bar and helped me push myself in riding. It’s awesome.

Bunnyhop whip What is a normal day for you like starting from what time you wake up? Take us through the day of Brett Walker.
Well if I have shows that day I’m usually up by 6am and gone for the day doing school shows, and then I just hit the park at night for a few hours. But most days consist of a lot of sleeping—usually until noon. Then I get up, eat some food at Taco Bell, and meet up with riding buddies and session some street or a skatepark somewhere. After that I relax and hang out for a couple hours and watch videos or something. At night I usually have a late-night ride at my local park and that’s about it. Every week or two I end up visiting my girlfriend in Las Vegas and riding out there.

What is the deal with the influx of Razor scooter kids that you hang out with?  Do you shred the silver sliver too?
Whatever, they hang out with me (haha). And no, I have never shredded the silver sliver—they’re just my riding friend’s little brothers so usually they just tag along to the spots.

You do stunt shows as a full-time job. What is your schedule like?
I usually do shows in the Los Angeles area about a couple weeks a month at elementary and junior high schools for a company called Creative Sports. It’s fun for sure and definitely beats a normal nine-to-five job. Especially when I’m doing them with Scott Foster—he is hilarious.

Brett Walker fuf What are the good and bad parts about doing shows?
The good is just being on my bike all day and making money. The bad is being gone out of town sometimes for a week or two at a time. It definitely gets rough living out of hotels, but the good parts outweigh the bad for sure.

For everyone who doesn't know your nickname, why did John Povah (Etnies TM) start calling you “The Secret Weapon?”
I don’t know and have no comment on the question.

Does Povah still think he can keep you under wraps?
I don’t know if he was ever trying to keep me under wraps!

You were just promoted to the DK Pro Team. How long have they been helping you out?  
Yeah, they have been flowing me for a little over a year and that was awesome. Then just a couple months ago they bumped me up to pro, so they’re definitely helping me out a lot and I’m very thankful.

What kind of schedule does this summer hold for you now that you are getting more help from sponsors?
I just got done with a trip to Pittsburg and Washington DC to film for the new Shook video and that was awesome because I had never been to either place before. Other than that I’m just hitting the Dew Tour again this year, and a few other contests are my goals for the summer. But hopefully I will get to be home a lot, too, because I don’t have too many shows in the summer.

Are you focusing or dirt or park more?  
I like both equally for sure—both are real fun. But for the contests I think I’m going to focus a little more on dirt since I ride park every day.

Why has your voicemail been full for the past two years?
I hate checking it—it sucks. Ever since I've had a phone I haven’t checked my voicemail, but I definitely need to start just in case I miss something important that someone needs to tell me. But I figure they can text me if it’s that important (laughs).

Give thanks?
I would like to thank my family and friends first off. John Povah at Etnies—the first guy to ever help me out, all the guys at DK bikes—they rock, Coalition, Dan Hubbard, Magnum the band. Anyone who has helped me out that I’m forgetting: thanks.

Brett Walker no-footed can can
Favorite trick and how long did it take to learn: Tailwhip—5 years
Most memorable accomplishment: Landing my first tailwhip to pedals
Best place in the world: Taco Bell
Favorite meal: Cheese quesadilla from Red Robin
Best ramp or park you've ever ridden: The T-1 ramp—it’s amazing
Favorite movie quote: "What the F*** is the Internet”—Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Favorite BMX rider: Jay Miron, hands down
Spend $1 Million dollars today: Buy a house, a BMW M3, and a car for my buddy Emers
Favorite TV show: Home Improvement and South Park
Biggest trend in BMX: Tight pants for sure (laughs)…there are too many to choose from.

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