Bryce Tryon's Snakepit - His Private NorCal Skatepark

Bryce Tryon has been competing since he was ten-years-old. Though young, with years of experience under his belt, it was only a matter of time before he outgrew his local parks. When he was ready to take things to the next level, Bryce was still in high school. Moving across the country wasn't really an option. Fortunately, he has awesome parents, generous friends with a lot of land, and a sponsor who was willing to help make a private ramp come to life. Thus, The Snakepit was born.

We met up with Bryce to watch him shred the place and learn all about it!


Tell us about the location of your ramps…

My ramps are on the outskirts of the town I live in - out in the middle of nowhere in some grape fields. They used to have a motocross track where the ramps currently are.

Taking on a project like this ramp is a pretty big ordeal. Why did you think it was necessary?

We thought it was necessary because, at the time there, was nothing around big enough for me and I was too young to move anywhere to practice for bigger contests, so the next best thing was to build something - and that’s what we did. 

Who did the actual build?

Me, my dad, and Jeremy Kemp did the most of the build. We also had help from a lot of the local homies! If it wasn’t for Jeremy, I don’t know how it would have turned out, so big shout out to him for continuously supporting me and helping me throughout the years.


Did any sponsors help fund this beast or was it all on you?

Monster helped out with some of the ramp, but the rest was on my parents and me. 

I didn’t see one snake out there. Why is it called “The Snakepit?”

To make a long story short, I snaked Ryan Nyquist one time in a contest and since then he’s called me Snakebite. Fast forward to when we were building the ramps, all the salt crew OGs called the ramps “The Snakepit” and it just stuck.

How have your ramps evolved over the years?

Originally it was only supposed to be a roll in to a lip for an airbag, but we soon found out after building that I needed more. After making it with the box jump and spine, we added another lip-to-lip box jump with a hip and a vert wall.

What sort of impact has this place had on your riding?

It's had a tremendous impact on my riding in the years I’ve had it. I’ve looked back at videos of when we first built it and it’s insane on how far I’ve come and it’s all because of the ramp.

Do these ramps mean that you’re staying in the Lodi area for the long haul?

I think at the moment it means I’m going to say in Lodi.


It seems that a lot of similar places - “training” parks -  have resi everything. I only see one resi here. Why is that?

Resi is expensive - haha. I also feel that it messes the flow of the park up a bit. The good thing with my resi is that I can move it wherever, whenever.

I noticed some of the wood is getting a bit weathered. Any improvements, upgrades, or additions in the works?

As of right now, we’re gonna start going through and replacing a lot of the older wood, re-do the box jump, and we’re working on maybe getting some dirt jumps out there.

Are you free to expand? There seems to be a lot of open space out there…

The owners have said we can pretty much do whatever out there.


Who do you let ride here?

Usually I only let people I know or people that are around me know and can vouch for them. Sometimes I get people hitting me up to ride and I’ll just take a look at their profile and, if it seems like they can handle it, I’ll let them come out. I make sure that everyone signs a waiver before hand.

Seeing as how all of the skateparks in your area are still shut down, what would you be doing right now if you didn’t have your own private facility?

I honestly have no idea what I’d be doing. I’d probably fly out to North Carolina to ride DDASC for a while.


Have you considers doing any contests or jams out here?

I have thought about doing some kind of jam out there, but I’m not sure how that’d go - especially with it not being my land.

What’s the absolute best thing about having this park?

I think the absolute best thing about having this park is the fact that I can literally go and have a sesh whenever I want on something that is similar to what I ride in contests.

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