CHIMERA A-Side Organizer Q&A - Will There Be Another $90,000 Event?

For the BMX world outside of Japan, the CHIMERA A-Side contest seemingly popped up out of nowhere and made waves with its giant prize purse. Truth be told, CHIMERA has been hosting events in Japan for many years and is no stranger to the game. We caught up with Ryuta - the man behind CHIMERA A-Side - to get a bit more information and to see what their future holds.


What exactly is CHIMERA and what is their connection to BMX? 

CHIMERA has been around from the beginning of all the guys riding BMX. So more than a connection, per se. We are BMX.

Has CHIMERA hosted BMX events before this huge one?

We’ve done BMX events as well as other events many times.

Pat Casey

Why Nagoya?

It all started when Aichi Prefecture reached out to us and said if you’re doing this kind of International event, how about you use our expo site?

$90,000 for first prize is huge. What is the goal of putting up such a giant purse?

Yeah. So, in regards to that initial number, we’ll be having guests, performers and their respective entourages, plus there will be all sorts of new stuff. Furthermore, this is just the initial estimate and we actually foresee it being higher in the future.


Just to confirm, Is the prize purse the same for freestyle and flatland?

The prize is the same amount.

How were the invited riders picked?

Naturally there are competitions all over the world - the US, Europe, South America - and we observe those. But we didn’t reach to only top tier rider- we’re more interested in the group, their connection, and we’ve invited riders with various styles and angles.

Marin Rantes

What is the overall goal of the event?

We'll to bring BMX to Japan, of course, but especially to spread awareness of the sport in general and to expose it to countries and places where BMX hasn’t gone yet. We want to build the kind of world where kids say “I wanna be a pro BMX rider, too!”

Does CHIMERA have other BMX events planned for 2020?

Yes, CHIMERA has got plans for various events showcasing various cultures in 2020.

Want to compete for that giant prize purse? CHIMERA hosts qualifying events for THE FINAL throughout the year. This year, the top five riders from the qualifying events joined the eleven invited pros to battle it out for the top spot.

Check out CHIMERA on Instagram and follow their website to get informed on upcoming events!

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