Name: Dean Cueson
Birmingham, England
Halo Wheels & Oakley

How are you doing Dean, have you been keeping busy recently?

Yeah I'm doing fine thanks. I have been riding as much as I can and I'm having fun doing it. I'm not as busy as I want to be, but still doing what I do, so far this year I have visited a few places I've always wanted to visit, so I am happy.

Photo by Justen Soule

You are regarded as having a very defined style. How would you describe it?

Fast, accurate, and energetic. But these days I have been getting more floaty haha.

When you go riding, what goes through your mind when it comes to thinking of tricks to do. Do you go out with a certain trick or line in mind, or do you just think it up on the spot?

I just think of something that is pretty basic, but turn it into its own unique way. Or, I just make it higher and more clicked.

Photo by Justen Soule

Let's discuss about sponsors. You recently left Radio bikes. This is not the first time it has happened. Could you shed some light on the situation, was it all on good terms?

Yeah it just seems like I can't find a good home with bike companies. I always get offered things which people can't really back up. It was nothing financial at all, it is more of the fact I like to keep busy, going to new places, and doing more edits. It seemed like they didn't want to put as much time and effort into it as the other good companies they own. I didn't want to feel like I was on a lower company. But yeah, I left on good terms and they are a good group of guys.

Photo by Commit BMX

You've been spending a bit of time abroad recently, firstly you hit Canada to stay with Drew Bezanson and you dropped one hell of an edit with Justen Soule. You then followed that up by visiting China. What was it like visiting two vastly different places? Any funny or interesting stories from those trips?

Yeah I just decided to spend a bit of money and head out to Canada, and really happy I did. I met some great friends and riding with Drew was real fun. I asked Drew if I could film while I was there and he said Justen would be into that, I was very happy about that as we know Justen kills it on the camera. I can't thank him enough for filming it.
There was never really a dull moment riding at joyride and hanging around Drew and the locals, also the Mracic family.

I also got a chance to head out to China which I was so happy about. I've always wanted to go, so I'd like to thank Catfish and Kane Wang for that. While I was there I did an Avril Lavigne show with some skaters which I found really funny, then I stayed in Shanghai for a week with Kane. I didn’t ride as it was too hot, but I was able to check out some the best things I've ever seen.

Funny stories? In Canada, I just rode a lot and I did not ever have a boring moment with Drew ha ha. When I was in France for Fise, there were too many funny stories with Luke Paddgett. But those stories are for another time. In China I just got stared at by everyone, I went into a club with this Chinese chick I met, everyone was dressed to impress and I'm in cut of skinny jeans, a snap back and a baggy t-shirt. It seemed like the music stopped and everyone just stared at me, ha ha. But don't you worry. I know some of the girls were loving it.


We have just crossed the halfway mark for 2013. Do have you got much planned for the rest of the year?

I'll be heading back to China in September for a contest and to chill in Shanghai. After that, I have nothing going on, so someone should hit me up if anything is going on I'm only small so I don’t take up too much space.


Thanks for doing this interview. Is there anyone you'd like to give a shout out too?

I`d like to thank Chris at CSG for always helping me out, Matt Andrews at Halo Wheels. Scott at Oakley for sending some fresh threads, shout out to the certain few I ride with, and anyone who has helped me out this year on trips or in any other way. I would also like to thank Vital BMX for the questions and everyone who reads this.

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