PhotoAlthough he hasn't been in the public eye much as of late, Mike Spinner has been a busy man. From holding down one of the dopest backyard ramps in the world to starting a new sports nutrition company, Mike has a lot going on. We hit him with a few questions to get the lowdown on his new brand and everything else he's been up to.PhotoMike, congrats on your new company. For everyone out there that doesn't know, what exactly is Evolution Nutrition?

Evlution Nutrition is a sports nutrition company. We produce nutritional supplements such as pre-workout, post-workout, creatine, glutamine, and amino acids. Basically, these are products that you can take before, during, and after any athletic activity. Whether it’s the gym or cardio, they will help you perform and recover better.

What influence did your background in BMX have on you starting EVL?

In 2009 I tore my ACL and, just like any athlete, when something that major happens, it’s either make it or break it. Either that athlete overcomes that injury and gets better, or gets lazy and fades away. My goal was to do anything and everything to get back to 100% as fast as possible. That’s when I learned about the sports nutrition world! All of the good, positive stuff you can take before, during, or after any sport-related activity can really give you an edge. To sum that up, when I was taking all of these products, I was just really inspired by what they did for me and how they helped me reach my goals. I just imagined if I had my own company what the goals would be, how I would want it to look and feel, and so on. I haven’t stopped thinking about it since 2009.

How does EVL relate back to BMX?

It’s a similar kind of industry in that everybody in it is involved because they love it. My goal is to bring the fun and excitement of the action sports world to the sports nutrition industry and to bring the importance of the sports nutrition world into action sports.


Will EVL ever sponsor riders or events in the future?

Yes. Eventually, we will sponsor BMX athletes. I love BMX and I want to always somehow be apart of it long-term.

Where can people pick up EVL products?

GNC stores,,, and many other stores across the country. We’re also in about 20 countries thus far! It is spreading like wildfire.

I know you parted ways with Monster in 2014. Did this relate to your involvement in EVL?

Yes. I had an amazing seven years with Monster and, at the end of last year, the Monster team manager basically gave me the option of staying with Monster or doing “my own thing.” It was an easy decision.

I know between the knee surgeries and your other business ventures you haven't been riding as much lately as you did in the past. Has that changed as of late?

When I was 16-years-old and rode everyday for myself, it was just all about fun. When I turned pro in 2006, it was my dream come true. But, the downside is, what do you do for fun? Not all times do you want to jump on your bike, but you kind of have to based on commitments to sponsors - even when you’re hurt or not feeling it. For the last two years, I have been apart of two pro contests in my backyard and the Recon Tour, which has ten stops around the country plus one final stop in my backyard. I loved being involved in BMX, but as a rider, I kind of took a step back. The fire and excitement is starting to build back. I’ve been messing around and rolling a bit. I do still have a giant skatepark in my backyard!


What else is new? Anything exciting?

I love what I am doing now. I’m still a part of the BMX community and still feel like I’m giving back. I love my new path I’m taking with building this brand from the ground up. I feel like I just started. As I said, at the end of the day, my goal is to bring the excitement from action sports to the sports nutrition world and bring the importance of sports nutrition to the action sports world.

Also, big shoutout to and Hyper bikes. For more information, check out

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