Colony just dropped a very impressive line of products for 2011 and we caught up with Clint Millar, Colony's owner, to get some insight on the new stuff. Read the Q&A below and check out a few of the brand new products...How much time and planning went into the 2011 parts line?

We started work on the 2011 product line over 18 months ago now. We basically looked at each and every product and thought if there was room for improvement and made such changes if needed. Even down to things like a simple logo placement change, slight re-machining of a product, or sometimes a complete re-design on products that had been in the line up for a few years now. Basically, I feel this is our best offering as a brand now since our beginning. I am very stoked on what we put forward for this season.

What sort of testing process do you put the products through before bringing them into the line?

Depending on the product, really. Some don't need to be tested and others need to be tested for quite a while. Testing times vary for each product. For example, grips don't need a lot of testing except, simply, do we like the compound and shape? Items like frames and forks need to be tested both in the factory and, more importantly, while riding for a long time. I get the team to ride all of the prototype and sample products for feedback. It's really the best way to get things right for production.

What new products did you introduce for 2011?

We introduced all new forks like the Guardian and the Dagger forks, revised frames, Bull bars, Dagger bars, Mountjoy grips, Variant stem, new seat designs, a new rim and wheel set, our Transformer brake set, and our Impact safety pad line. We will also have tires out later in the season as well called the Agenda.

As well as a line of new complete bikes with our ultra high end Pro models and our expert models. We're not about doing mass produced complete bikes and that is why we only do high end models.

Which Colony team rider have signature products?

Alex Hiam has his Sweet Tooth frame, Mick Bayzand has his Teddy frame and bars, and Ryan Guettler has his Dagger forks and bars, Official stem and sprocket, and his No Dig No Ride pivotal seat.

When can we expect to see these products in shops around the world?

Australia has them all now, the USA will have the parts any day now with complete bikes closer to Christmas, New Zealand would have all theirs now as well as Singapore. Euro countries like Germany, France, and the UK etc will have theirs in the weeks ahead. Not long now!

Take a look at a few of the new products below...

No Dig No Ride Seat
"Last December when I came back to Australia for Christmas, myself and Richo rode the trails everyday. Most nights I'd be chilling at his place; we were always talking about products for Colony and one thing that kept coming up was we needed to try to do a trail seat. We ran it by Clint and once we got the ok, we just started drawing heaps of stuff. We finally came to the finished seat you see today." - Ryan Guettler*Available as a Super Slim & Mid Pivotal Seat.
*Using a new, totally revised Pivotal base.
*Improved nose & tail bumper design.
*Durable covering with Kevlar rear.
*Weight: Super Slim version 253 grams (8.92oz), Mid version 299 grams (10.54oz).
*Available in Black as shown only.

Dagger Forks
"We had just re-vamped the Official forks and Clint asked if I would like to change the name. We threw some ideas back and forth at his place, and I'm pretty sure it was Clint that came up with the name because of my dog Dagger. I really liked the name but I wasn't going to put a bulldog on my product, so we just ended up doing it as just a dagger. I think it ended up coming out really well." - Ryan Guettler*Full heat-treated CrMo forks.
*Exclusive ppriral fluted single butted forks legs.
*Full CNC machined one-piece fluted steerer tube with built-in bearing race.
*5mm thick drop outs with CNC detail for added weight saving.
*Oversized blowholes inside steerer tube to further reduce weight.
*CNC detail in fork crown to again further weight saving.
*7075T6 Alloy Top Cap uses 3/8 socket wrench to adjust.
*3/8" & 14mm axle slots
*32mm offset
*Also available with brake mounts.
*Available as shown in Matt Grey, Wasabi, Red Storm, Matt Black, and White (not shown).
* Weight 873 grams (1.92lbs)

Bull Bars
"These come from our very popular Bloody Oath bars are set to be just as popular with all the right specs. Big is the key word here but not crazy big." - Clint Millar*8.25” rise.
*11 Butted Full Heat Treated CrMo
*29.5” width.
*12º back sweep.
*1º up sweep.
*799 grams (1.76 lbs).
*Available as shown in Red Storm, Wasabi, Matt Grey, Chrome, Matt Black, and White.

Contour Wheel Sets
:Our refined wheel sets use our new Contour rims which are a little lighter than our Clone rims & have a cleaner look." - Clint MillarContour Front Wheel Set*Contour Rim, Clone Hub laced with Black stainless steel spokes.
*Colour coded rim & hub.
*Comes with Clone Rim strap.
*Weight: 999 grams (2.20lbs)
*Available as shown in Wasabi, Red, Gold, Purple, Blue, and Black.Countour Cassette Wheel Set*Male and female axle available.
*Contour Rim, Clone Hub laced with Black stainless steel spokes.
*Standard with 9T driver with polymer bushing.
*Colour coded rim & hub.
*36 hole RHD only.
*Comes with Clone Rim strap.
*Weight: 1,127 grams (2.48lbs)
*Available as shown in Gold, Purple, Wasabi, Red, Blue, and Black.

Impact Safety Line
"These all came about because I noticed most of team weren't wearing pads. When asked why they, all said they were too bulky and not comfortable with what was available now. So, I wanted to change that. We used inspiration from pads out there and ones from the past and came up with our own versions. Using Airoprene construction for breathability and comfort and in many sizes to fit almost everyone. The knee pads feel like you're not even using pads but still give you great protection." - Clint Millar
High Impact Slim Knee Pads*Ultra low profile design for use under jeans.
*Made from breathable neoprene material for comfort.
*Available in sizes XS, Small, Med, Large, and XL.High Impact Shin Pads*Removable inserts.
*Extra long velcro straps for adjustability.
*Made from breathable neoprene material for comfort.
*Available in sizes XS, Small, Med, Large, and XL.High Impact Slim Ankle Pads*Ultra low profile design.
*Perfect for those painful ankle bone hits with crank arms.
*Made from breathable neoprene material for comfort.
*One size fits most.

For more information on these products and everything else from Colony, check out!

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