Colton Walker's Total BMX Killabee K3

2017 X Games Gold Medalist Colton Walker was recently in San Diego shooting a new Bell Helmets video that you'll be seeing very soon. He showed up with a super-sexy chrome Killabee build that he was incredibly proud of. We figured it only made sense to give the world an up-close look at his machine. Check it and stay tuned for the video!


Frame: Total BMX Killabee K3 - 21"

Fork: Total BMX TWS

Bars: Total BMX Killabee - 9”

Grips: ODI Longneck

Barends: ODI

Stem: Profile Push - Swell Colorway

Headset: Total BMX Killabee

Cranks: Profile Racing

Bottom Bracket: Vocal Vice

Sprocket: Profiel Sabre - Shorebreak Colorway

Chain: Shadow Half-link

Pedals: VP Vice

Seat: Total BMX Killabee Seat / Post Combo

Front Wheel: Alienation Felon Rim, Profile Elite Hub, Titanium Spokes

Rear Wheel: Alienation Felon Rim, Profile Elite Hub, Titanium Spokes

Front Tire: Maxxis Grifter

Rear Tire: Maxxis Grifter

Weight: 19lbs








Who are your current sponsors?

Monster, Unit, Total BMX, Bell Helmets, GForm, and USA Cycling.

When did you build this beast up?

Around a month ago!

Any big changes from the red one you were riding?

Not too many changes - I kept most of the same parts. I loved the way my red bike felt, so I didn’t want to change much.

Why chrome?

I thought an all-chrome bike would be unique and I love the way chrome looks with everything. I did blue accents because blue is my favorite color!


Those wheels look pricey…

Haha! Yeah, they’re decently expensive wheels, but I love them. I’ve been running the same wheel setup for years and they have always been great!

Is this your first chrome bike?

Yeah - it’s my first all-chrome bike. I’ve had chrome parts with different color frames, but never all chrome. 

How much thought did you put into the color kit?

A decent amount. I looked around at parts a lot deciding which colors to use. I think it turned out great.

You’ve been on Total for a while. When are we going to see some signature parts?

I’m not too sure about that, but I would love to get a signature part at some point. That would be sick.

When is the last time you rode brakes?

Around three years ago.


When is the last time you rode pegs?

I’m not too sure - a really long time, though!

Will either be coming back anytime soon?

I would be opposed to putting some pegs on in the near future…

What do attractive women think of this bike?

I’m not really too sure. I haven’t asked any.

Anything else we should know?

I love to ride bikes!

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