Corey Walsh Bike Check

Corey Walsh goes really, really, really fast and needs a bike that can keep up with him. He recently built up a Cult War Hawk in his new signature colorway, so it only made sense to dive in and see what the crazy Canadian is rolling on. Check it!


Frame: Cult War Hawk 21tt  

Fork: Cult Sect IC 32mm

Bars: Cult Dak 8.85

Grips: Cult Ricany

Barends: Cult Ricany Plastic 

Stem: Cult Salvation 51mm

Headset: Cult

Cranks: Cult Hawk 175mm

Bottom Bracket: Cult 

Sprocket: Cult Member V2 28t

Chain: Cult Full Link

Pedals: Fly Ruben

Seat: Cult Occult Slim 

Front Wheel: Cult Crew Front

Rear Wheel: Cult Crew Cassette RHD

Front Tire: Cult AK

Rear Tire: Cult AK

Pegs: Invisible

Weight: No idea...


Who are your current sponsors?

Cult, Ryder Distro, Vans, Fast & Loose

How long have you been on this bike?

Couple weeks.




Was the chrome a conscious decision or is that just what was available?

Oh, fuck yeah. Had the same color combo a few years back so wanted to have it look like that bike again. 

Is this tan frame replacing the green one?

Yup. It’s the new colorway. Still have some greens ones available, though! 


Is it available now?

Yes -

How long does a frame usually last you? 

Usually a year or so. Never broken a Cult, so they last as long as they can.

Word on the street is you have a brand new signature frame in the works from Cult. What can you tell us about that?

We might be working on something. Time will tell!

Any other signature parts in the works?

Gonna work on some metal pedals...


Are medal pedals a must for you?

Yes. Can’t ride without them. 

Any crazy modifications to this bike?

Nope. Pretty normal.


How much PSI do you usually ride in your tires?

Usually 80. It’s been getting lower lately! Haha. 

What’s the best thing about it?

Rolls fast and is strong as fuck!

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