Coller's Contender: Kink Pro Dan Coller Discusses his First Signature Frame

Lil' Dan is all grown up! Well, technically I guess he's been all grown up for a few years, but now he's all grown up and has a signature frame. That's gotta make it extra official. After many years of working hard and repping Kink, Dan has received his first signature frame - The Contender. We caught up with Dan to talk about the frame, the promo videos, and everything else he's been up to. Get educated! 


Why “The Contender?” Did you name it?

Yeah. I bounced around a couple of different names at first and my friends tried to help as well, but once I came up with Contender, I knew that’s what I wanted to stick with. Contender has more meaning to me than just picking a name for a frame or a product line. I chose Contender for the fight I feel like you have to give in life. Whether it’s fighting through the punches life throws at you or battling a trick for hours and days on end sometimes, you have to contend. You need something tough and strong that can handle that. I think Kink did a great job of helping me get a frame worthy of the name itself. 

What was important to you when designing your frame?

Honestly everything. Getting the opportunity to have a signature frame is such an honor and, with a company like Kink, it’s a dream. I gave input on every piece of geometry down to the shapes of the tubes. Matt - Kink’s product designer and overall bossman - puts so much thought into each product and he made sure I had exactly what I wanted, along with bringing cool ideas to make the frame stand out. 


Any preferred specs that you had a hard time finding before getting this?

The wishbone chainstay is something different that doesn’t really get utilized on modern chainstays. I feel like a lot of chainstays have the same shape in the backend and I wanted something different, but modernized. My first ever real BMX frame was a Kink Jim Cielencki with a 19” toptube and a sick wishbone chainstay, so it kind of pays homage to the bike I rode when I was ten-years-old. Also, the D-shaped chainstays have a flatter inside where the wheel goes in the frame and I think it looks way sicker and just makes sense. 

How long has this frame been in the works?

We started working on it early 2017 and I got my first sample in November of 2017 and have been on the same frame since. I still haven’t even built the production model and it’s held up to more abuse than anything I’ve ever had. This frame has been through hell and is still holding strong. I will be building a new black one when I get back home to Austin in a few days, though.


At 5lbs 3oz, The Contender is the heaviest frame in Kink’s current lineup. What’s up with that?

My bike is so light already, so I wasn’t worried about having something with just a few more ounces than a normal frame. 

It’s all additional strength and I never have to worry about my bike being able to take the abuse. I know it will hold up strong in any battle.

I assume you’ve annihilated a lot of frames in your day. Correct?

Honestly, I haven’t. I usually ride a frame for about six months and, at that rate, I’ve never had a frame get destroyed to the point it couldn’t be ridden. Kink frames are so well built, too. I just wanted to have something more specifically made for my type of riding - abusive street riding and getting sketchy. Haha!

At what point does the Contender become a champion?

When they sell out everywhere. Haha!


What color and toptube are you on?

I’m currently on the 21.3” in green, but going over to the all black and gold kit.

Are any other Kink dudes riding one yet?

As far as the pro team goes, I don’t think so because we all have such different styles of riding - which is really cool. But Jay Roe has been on one. Kink AM style god Jake Petruchik has one and the dude Connor Lodes also rocks one right now.


The boxing video was… interesting. How did that come about?

The best part about that is I had absolutely nothing to do with the making of it. It was a surprise and it was really cool how that happened from my end. Everyone in that video is some of my closest friends from throughout my life and they are all major parts in what Kink is. Jay Roe is the team manager, Dave Fortman is the art director, Jake Petruchik is a rider and warehouse employee, Darryl Tocco is a filmer, rider, and legend. They all got together when Darryl flew to Rochester to work on Kink compete bike videos and were brainstorming a ridiculous skit to do related to The Contender. Jay and Dave went as far as to pay out of their own pockets to rent a gym to do the skit. There are so many funny things in there that they gave me shit for that you’ll catch if you listen to it. So they get together and do this and once Darryl gets the final draft edited up, they told me they needed me to watch something and FaceTime me while I’m at home in Austin. I had no idea what the hell they were sending me and I was in tears laughing so hard the first time I saw it. I think something different and above and beyond the normal frame promo was so awesome. They have another one coming for their new trail frame, so keep an eye out for that.

Any reason you didn’t step into the ring?

If I knew it was happening, I would have. Maybe if there is a rematch down the road…

The riding video was awesome. How much time did you put into that?

Thanks! That’s a tough one because I’ve been working on a few things, so it was more splitting up certain footage for certain projects that I’ve been working on with Darryl. Between this, the new Kink project we’ve been working on since spring 2017, and my X Games part, we just had to sit down and split up the footage one day.


Have you guys been putting a lot of time into the X Games section? How’s that coming along?

Yeah! It might be my favorite project I’ve ever gotten to be a part of as a rider. I made a list of things I wanted to do around my hometown of Rochester and started with that. Darryl flew out when I was visiting in the summer and it was awesome getting to start with my home spots and stuff I’ve been putting off for a huge project like X Games. I snapped my knee a little later down the road, which has been really hard dealing with - it’s my first real injury. I’m about to get back to it and head to Barcelona for a couple of weeks, so I’m excited to get back to the X Games part. I think Darryl can attest that this is the hardest I’ve ever worked and, in turn, has probably caused him to work harder than ever just going clip-by-clip and putting in days at a time. Sorry, Darryl! Haha.

Why should everyone out there buy your signature frame?

Because it’s a strong, simple frame that can hold up to any battle. 

Unless you can do everything first try, why not get something that’s going to contend with you?

Final question - what is one ingredient an acai bowl should never be without?

A bowl. Without that, it’s just a smoothie.

For exact specs and more on the Kink Contender, check out Kink's site.

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