Kieran Reilly Answers 10 Questions from Daniel Dhers

To say that Kieran Reilly has stepped his game up in recent times would be the understatement of 2021. Kieran has always been a great bike rider, but something seemingly clicked around a year ago and his riding hit the next level time and time again. Many have taken notice - including Daniel Dhers, who has acted as one of Kieran's loudest supporters during this stretch. We thought it seemed appropriate to recruit Daniel - a rider who has seen and done it all - to ask Kieran - a rider with a gigantic feature ahead of him - a few questions.


DHERS - How do you manage to produce so much good content for social media?

REILLY - I really enjoy producing content and progressing! The two just mix great. It honestly motivates me a lot. I’ve spent hours before on an instavid - I’ll try and film a clip each session and I’m pretty strict with the quality of what I post, so this again keeps me motivated to ride hard!

Do you think social media ever gets in the way of preparing for a contest or does it actually push you to learn more things?

For me, personally, I can manage both and keep 'em balanced. I ride just as hard for both. They’re fairly similar routines for me!

How was riding in England during the lockdown?

The first couple of lockdowns were real tough. It was strictly no riding - no leaving the house for sports was permitted - so I didn’t ride for months; just keeping fit in the house and ready to get back on it. Luckily, in recent lockdowns, I’m able to ride now because I’m a part of British Cycling.

What are your goals in riding?

Representing my country in The Olympics would be amazing - and just pushing myself each day with riding, of course, but also on creativity with projects and content. I'd like to do some crazy videos!

How did you get on Red Bull?

To put it briefly, Matt Bohl - Red Bull's UK team manager - took interest in me after seeing me in some Tall Order vlogs. I was young and a fairly good rider, but I had a long way to go. And, years later, the dream became a reality after progressing enough and growing as a rider from putting the work in!

I see you have been getting smoother at ramp riding. Did you stop hating transition?

So, I was basically cyber-bullied by you to the point I couldn’t take it anymore. Me and transition have since set aside our differences!

Do you still work a “real job?”

I don’t! I’m extremely grateful to be able to ride full-time. I came out of school at sixteen straight into a carpentry apprenticeship, which I did for two-and-a-half years. Riding and working is tough! 

Finally, last year, my amazing sponsors made it possible for me to ride my bike full time! Livin' the dream️!

What exactly motivates you?

Since I was younger, I’ve loved riding and pushing myself. I’m pretty competitive and the feeling of gratitude and relief after working for a new trick - I just love that feeling!

Will you try to make it to The Olympics in 2024?

That is 100% a goal of mine. I’m going to put a lot of work in to try and make that reality. Paris 2024. Let’s go!

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

It has to be getting my Red Bull sponsorship. I’ve dreamt of wearing that helmet since I first watched Dhers, Kriss Kyle, and Daniel Sandoval. The projects and opportunities they bring are amazing and I’m so proud to have gotten the helmet!


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