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Whether it's a video, an air out, or a bike, Dan Foley makes things look good. We caught up with him on a dreary day in Durham, North Carolina to take an up-close look at his current Cult build. Check it...


Frame: Cult Dak 20.75"

Fork: Cult Sect 28mm

Bars: Cult Crew 9.35"

Grips: Cult x Vans

Barends: Cult Plastic

Stem: Cult Salvation 46mm

Headset: Cult

Cranks: Cult Hawk 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Cult

Sprocket: Cult NWO 28t

Chain: Cult Halflink

Pedals: Odyssey PC Pro

Seat: Cult Mid

Front Wheel: Profile Mini + GSport Ribcage

Rear Wheel: Profile Mini 9t Cassette + GSport Ribcage

Front Tire: Cult Dehart 2.4"

Rear Tire: Cult Dehart 2.4"

Pegs: Cult Butter 4"

Weight: Light enough to not have to leave the beans.



Cult and Meseroll Shop

How long have you been on the beast?

About five-and-a-half months now.

Is it pretty different from your last bike or are they virtually identical?

It's pretty much the same. I just hit the frame with the paint bucket tool. When it feels good, it feels good.


I know there was a Dan Foley frame for a bit. Is that officially a thing of the past?

As of now, yes. I stole Dak's geo for my frame, though, so it's like nothing ever changed.

What’s the oldest part on here?

The seatpost. I think everything else was brand new when I built it. Many thanks to Cult and Meseroll for making that possible. Best parts and best laced wheels in the game!



I know brakes briefly made an appearance on your bike in the not-so-distant past. Are they gone forever? 

Maybe not forever. I romanticize riding trails more and brakes would help with that. But, also, the simplicity, feel, and lack of maintenance of no brakes is hard to beat.

How long do you think you’ll stay on this bike before building up a new one?

I usually try to switch things up around the six-to-nine month mark, so probably another couple months or so.



Any signature parts in the works at the moment? 

Not at the moment.

What’s on your agenda for the rest of the year?

I've been working on a video piece on Scotty Cranmer for Vans that comes out later this month that I'm super excited about. It's been my main point of focus lately, so I haven't looked too far beyond that. There's nothing concrete on the calendar as of now, but the goal is to get on the bike plenty and keep it balanced with work on both sides of the camera. 

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