We are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and the next FISE stop is about to go down! Coming off a second place finish at FISE: Denver, Daniel Dhers now has an even bigger points lead in the race for the UCI BMX Freestyle World Cup. We caught up with Daniel once again to talk about his performance in Denver, his preparations for Edmonton, and his feelings on the points race.


You left Denver with an even bigger points lead in the race for the UCI BMX World Cup. How do you feel about your current standing?

It’s still a bit tight. With so many good riders out there, you can win one event and get 8th on the next one, upsetting the whole ranking. I’m not putting my guard down, regardless how big my points lead is.

How did the high altitude treat you?

I think the altitude took a toll on most riders - including me - making us crash or make mistakes in our runs. I was able to hold on for finals, but I had altitude poisoning the day before in semi finals, which made me doubt if I was even going to be able to compete in finals. I did everything possible to recoup and give it a shot.


In your eyes, what were the highlights from Denver?

I think Brandon Loupos putting two really solid runs together was awesome. The kid doing the double front flip on the box after the contest was over gave that FISE spirit to the event. It made all of us remember the contest is also there to push people to try things they have on their minds, regardless of the placing.

What do you know about Edmonton?

Nothing. haha! But Im very excited to go to a place I’ve never been! I did hear the scenery and the food trucks are great there, so it should be a good time.

The elevation is much lower. Are you excited for that?

Yes! It should be easier to breathe. However, it’s much colder than North Carolina, so that should be a factor to consider, regarding the ramps getting damp and just taking a bit longer to warm up. Every stop has some sort of climate challenge.

Now that your points lead is so much larger, are you still going for a win in Edmonton or are you just trying to keep your points lead?

Every time you compete you aren’t going there to just do ok. I still go in with a “do everything you can and do it well” mentality. I do take a bunch of different factors in consideration the day I compete, but you just never know. Sometimes you think this guy is going to well and he ends up crashing and burning or vice-versa. If somebody tells you they’re are going there to just cruise and “don’t care about competing,” they are lying. I remember Mirra always said if you don’t care about the competition, then why do you go?


You have three second place finishes. Is a first on the horizon?

It’s tough with so much talent out there, but it’s possible. I’ll do my best at each stop and see where that puts me.

I know it was just last week, but what have you been up to since Denver?

Well, the first day I got back I went riding and hurt my back, so I only clocked in one decent session since Denver before leaving to Canada, which I don’t like. I always try to ride and work on my fitness for the next event. You gotta do your homework if you want good results on the test. The hardest part of touring is dealing with the unexpected, like injuries and getting back in shape to be ready for the next event. Hopefully the muscles in my back don’t start acting up again.

Any special preparations for Edmonton?

A lot of ice, ibuprofen, cryotherapy, stretching, and sleeping in order to get my back ready.

Based on the drawings you’ve seen, what do you think of the course?

Again, very simple like Denver. Hopefully there are a couple more transfer options both ways at this stop. The drawing gives you a decent idea, but you never know until you see it in person.

When is the last time you competed in Canada?

I’ve actually never competed in Canada! I’ve been a few times for demos and to ride Joyride150 in Toronto, but never for an actual contest. I needed a Canadian visa to go to the old Metro Jams and it wasn’t possible back then, so I gave up doing the documentation to visit until a couple years back.

Any changes on your bike since Denver?

Greased everything for more awesomeness!Photo

Why should we tune into FISE: Edmonton?

Who doesn’t like to watch dudes send it? The best of the best will be there putting on the show! 

Stay tuned to for FISE: Edmonton coverage!

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