This is the last day of the free Alienation tires contest, so get moving. You know the drill: put your answer to the question in bold in the Comments box below, and then Alienation will choose a winner. The list of winners will be announced at the end of the seven-day run. Here is the question for today.

If you told your mom or girlfriend you need some new rubber for your bike, would she slap you in the face?

Post your answer in the Comments box below. Please post your Alienation tire preference as well (Graffiti on the left or Differential on the right). Get on it.

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    2/16/2009 2:07 PM

    na my mom is so cool and really dont get me she would go get real rummbers and tell me no sex on my bike keep it at

  • austin_miller

    2/16/2009 12:43 PM

    she would prob laugh at me and say ok!! my girl freind deff not my mom lol

  • darkeagle

    2/16/2009 7:13 AM

    She would probably offer me some rubber, if not then she would laugh, my gf rocks the world!!! best ever

    Differential please, danke.


    2/16/2009 7:12 AM

    i would have to confess my sin


  • Lavis

    2/16/2009 4:44 AM

    oh my my would be like wtf since when.... and then she would be like oh i see
    and my girlfriend why use rubbers????


  • adamryan1993

    2/16/2009 1:29 AM

    my mum would propably look at me funny until she gets what i mean but she wouldnt slap me cos id slap her back


  • BMXfien

    2/15/2009 11:03 PM

    My mom would say ok I'll buy it. And my girlfriend would say for riding your bike or riding me? Grafitti

  • Fly G.

    2/15/2009 10:29 PM

    she would think then be like wat does that mean. then her contex clues would lead to a tire.

  • streetrider25

    2/15/2009 10:26 PM

    i would laugh and walk away

  • dave dynamite

    2/15/2009 9:53 PM

    i dont even use condoms.

  • ragin_table

    2/15/2009 9:27 PM


  • ragin_table

    2/15/2009 9:27 PM

    My mother wouldnt acknowledge the statement and carry on with whatever she was doing. As for my girlfriend, she'd be pumped cuz I'm dating my bike.

  • C Buck

    2/15/2009 9:14 PM

    haha no id slap them

  • rinkydink

    2/15/2009 7:50 PM

    No, My Mom says "rinky dink, It's All about a safe Rip."

  • oneyearin

    2/15/2009 6:52 PM

    haha well i dont think she would exactly slap me but i damn sure that she would laugh in my face and say get a job and buy it you dang self!!!!!!


  • google it

    2/15/2009 6:06 PM

    no cuz my mom always said wrap it with rubber b4 you get on it and tap it, and thats whats up


    2/15/2009 6:05 PM

    they would rub out. graffit.

  • grantspassbiker

    2/15/2009 5:49 PM

    she wouldnt slap me just laugh
    and go get it on!

  • ridebmxnc

    2/15/2009 5:45 PM

    my gf would ask if i wanted the differential tire or the graffiti?

    and i would say graffiti

  • ryanxanimalbmx

    2/15/2009 5:45 PM

    since im twelve my mom would probably be like what the fuck your too young or she would look at me strange and my girlfriend would prob call me gay haha

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