This is the last day of the free Alienation tires contest, so get moving. You know the drill: put your answer to the question in bold in the Comments box below, and then Alienation will choose a winner. The list of winners will be announced at the end of the seven-day run. Here is the question for today.

If you told your mom or girlfriend you need some new rubber for your bike, would she slap you in the face?

Post your answer in the Comments box below. Please post your Alienation tire preference as well (Graffiti on the left or Differential on the right). Get on it.

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  • Nick Thompson

    2/15/2009 5:15 AM

    hold on ill ask, she said WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!

    graffiti on the left

  • OldenburgBMXer

    2/15/2009 4:34 AM

    i think they wouldn´t understand what i mean and think i want to play a trick on them :-D

  • gummibmxer

    2/15/2009 4:26 AM

    i would slap my girfriend and my mom

  • 401

    2/15/2009 4:26 AM

    They simply wouldn't care?


  • rodolphe.legendre

    2/15/2009 3:46 AM

    My mum will pay but i don't have any girlfriend so the slap is not for me ! maybe the tires

  • abyss91

    2/15/2009 3:35 AM

    No because they'd hurt their hand since my face is hard.Plus they're against violence.


  • Armour

    2/15/2009 3:19 AM


  • sagsag

    2/15/2009 3:15 AM

    ummm she would buy me condoms

  • Jamie Girven

    2/15/2009 2:59 AM

    no, she would tell me to enter this competition

  • AvBMX

    2/15/2009 2:13 AM

    Well if i told my mom she would say awww im glad your being safe haha

    If I told my girl she would be like OOOOO when were and what time


  • osha

    2/15/2009 1:31 AM

    no and no

  • keenonnez

    2/15/2009 1:21 AM

    hahahah2.2 please.if i win.thx

  • Paytans

    2/15/2009 1:20 AM

    If i told my mom and girlfriend that i need a new rubber, they wouldn´t slap me in the face, but they would ask me the diameter of it so they could use it when their lonely...

  • keenonnez

    2/15/2009 1:19 AM

    i mean
    Graffiti on the left
    not Differential on the right

  • keenonnez

    2/15/2009 1:15 AM

    my mom wouldn't slap me.she would probably say"rubber for what?"
    my girlfriend would say why not rubber for youand me wink,wink

    Differential on the right

  • jackbmx28

    2/15/2009 1:08 AM

    probably if i told my mum she was shouting them, but ive learnt not to say anything about my bike to my mum coz she would sabotage it to stop me from "getting hurt". lol

  • tedhuie

    2/15/2009 1:03 AM

    no either of them would just say, so go get some than


  • brodyy69

    2/15/2009 12:55 AM

    nope shell be like welll buy one with ur own money and ill be like i got none;(


  • chad.c

    2/15/2009 12:43 AM

    no she would not because i would also tell her (girlfriend) that i am entering this contest then she would probably say she hopes i win. differential

  • seraph528

    2/15/2009 12:42 AM

    They would slap each other. Differential.

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